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CompTIA Security+ Training

Exam Code: SYO-601

CompTIA Security+ is an industry-recognized certification that imparts the key skills required performing core security operations, and functions in a domain. Also, it encourages participants to pursue a career in the IT security arena.

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Program Calendar

  • Available Dates
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png08 June, 2024
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png15 June, 2024
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png22 June, 2024
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
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INR 42,000


Course Overview

Security+ qualify learners having advanced skills to protect networking devices, servers, and cloud operations in a given network. Security+ certification is for IT professionals working on TCP/IP networking based on the operating system Windows, macOS, Unix, or Linux. CASP+ aspirants, who are beginners, need to be a certified Network+.

Key Features

right.png Designed for Instructors by Instructors
right.png Rigorously Evaluated to Ensure Adequate Coverage of Exam Objectives
right.png Flexible and Customizable Based on Course Format
right.png Hands-on Practice with Virtual Labs

Learning Objectives

The CompTIA Security+ educates students with the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure, and secure systems, applications, networks, devices and perform threat analysis.


Candidates having basic knowledge of network, OS, and devices can enrol to the course. However, candidates with at least two years of IT administration experience are recommended.


56% of worldwide organizations attributed the blame for the security breaches experienced in the last 12 months to human error. This is the reason that created the demand for security professionals, which grew over 100%, during the past five years.

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Technical Areas Covered

  • Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
  • Operations and Incident Response
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance


What is the Pay by Experience Level for Systems Administrators?
What is the Pay by Experience Level for Security Administrator?
What is the Pay by Experience Level for Security Engineer?
What is the Pay by Experience Level for Network Administrator?

Course Curriculum

  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 1A: Compare and Contrast Information Security Roles
    • Topic 1B: Explain Threat Actor Types
    • Topic 1C: Compare and Contrast Social Engineering Attack Types
    • Topic 1D: Determine Malware Types
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 2A: Compare and Contrast Security Control and Framework Types
    • Topic 2B: Follow Incident Response Procedures
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 3A: Explain Penetration Testing Concepts
    • Topic 3B: Use Topology Discovery Software Tools
    • Topic 3C: Use Fingerprinting and Sniffing Software Tools
    • Topic 3D: Use Vulnerability Scanning Software Tools
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 4A: Compare and Contrast Basic Concepts of Cryptography
    • Topic 4B: Compare and Contrast Cryptographic Attack Types
    • Topic 4C: Explain Hashing and Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithms
    • Topic 4D: Explain Asymmetric Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 5A: Implement Certificates and Certificate Authorities
    • Topic 5B: Implement PKI Management
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 6A: Compare and Contrast Identity and Authentication Concepts
    • Topic 6B: Install and Configure Authentication Protocols
    • Topic 6C: Implement Multifactor Authentication
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 7A: Install and Configure Authorization and Directory Services
    • Topic 7B: Implement Access Management Controls
    • Topic 7C: Differentiate Account Management Practices
    • Topic 7D: Implement Account Auditing and Recertification
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 8A: Implement Secure Network Architecture Concepts
    • Topic 8B: Install and Configure Secure Switching Infrastructure
    • Topic 8C: Install and Configure Network Access Control
    • Topic 8D: Install and Configure Secure Routing and NAT Infrastructure
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 9A: Install and Configure Firewalls and Proxies
    • Topic 9B: Install and Configure Load Balancers
    • Topic 9C: Install and Configure Intrusion Detection/ Prevention Systems
    • Topic 9D: Install and Configure Logging and SIEM Systems
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 10A: Install and Configure Wireless Infrastructure
    • Topic 10B: Install and Configure Wireless Security Settings
    • Topic 10C: Explain the Importance of Physical Security Controls
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 11A: Implement Secure Hardware Systems Design
    • Topic 11B: Implement Secure Host Systems Design
    • Topic 11C: Implement Secure Embedded Systems Design
    • Topic 11D: Implement Secure Mobile Device Systems Design
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 12A: Implement Secure Network Operations Protocols
    • Topic 12B: Implement Secure Remote Access Protocols
    • Topic 12C: Implement Secure Remote Administration Protocols

  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 13A: Implement Secure Web Services
    • Topic 13B: Implement Secure Communications Services
    • Topic 13C: Implement Secure Virtualization Infrastructure
    • Topic 13D: Implement Secure Cloud Services
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 14A: Explain Risk Management Processes and Concepts
    • Topic 14B: Explain Disaster Recovery Planning Concepts
    • Topic 14C: Explain Resiliency and Continuity of Operations Strategies
    • Topic 14D: Summarize Basic Concepts of Forensics
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 15A: Explain the Impact of Vulnerability Types
    • Topic 15B: Summarize Secure Application Development Concepts
  • Topic Covered:

    • Topic 16A: Explain the Importance of Security Policies
    • Topic 16B: Implement Data Security and Privacy Practices
    • Topic 16C: Explain the Importance of Personnel Management
  • Solutions (Student Guide only, solutions are included “in line” in the Instructor Guide) Glossary Index


About the Program

Attaining the security plus certification validates a professional having core security skills to protect networking devices, servers, and cloud operations from unauthorized access. Mildain’s top-rated instructors, deployed across nations, provide real-industry lab assignments to transform professionals from problem solvers experts to masters.

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CompTIA Security+ exam requires hard work and thorough lab exercises. The focused participants find the Security+ exam easy to pass. This certification offers you direct entry into the IT security arcade as an expert. The world’s cyberspace already has a shortage of 3.5million cybersecurity experts. Study well, earn the Security+ certificate to be an expert.
CompTIA Security+ recommends that participants having two years of IT administration experience can have better prospects in Security+.
It requires dedicated learning for 30 days to acquire Security+ certification.
Yes, it is. Although, having some experience is always recommended. However, candidates interested in building a career in cybersecurity must register to Security+.
The salary packages are always dependent on the size of the company, location, and business. However, candidates with the CompTIA Security+ can get a pay scale of $76,608 p.a.

Training Features

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Basic to intermediate and eventually advanced practicing full hands-on lab exercises till you master.

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Online Boot Camp offers better career mobility and transition to a leadership position.

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Program Advisor


Lee Myers

CTO at Archdiocese

Lee Myers studied computer science and technology as well as information systems at Drexel University. He is currently the chief technology officer for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where he specializes in information security, risk management, networking, and unified communications. Lee has worked with CompTIA since 2007, participating in workshops as well as the CompTIA Subject Matter Expert Technical Advisory Committee, Executive Advisory Board, and Governance Committee.

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