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All about CompTIA Certification

Students, who are searching for an easy way into IT or professionals aspiring to upskill their knowledge in IT security and deployment, may enroll in any of the performance-based certifications below.

CompTIA A+ Certification Training

Exam Code 220-1001 & 220-1002

Beginners who want to start their career in IT may register to A+.

CompTIA A+ certification imparts all the basic information related to the server, network, configuration, peripherals, and mobile applications.

We all recognize that CompTIA A+ certification is a renowned credential including foundation-level in IT information and skills. The training institution also transports major certification plans in key technology zones.

The course objective is to teach skills and knowledge vital to troubleshooting and resolving problems met in networking devices, operating systems, and mobile devices. It also comprises information related to security expenses.


To register in A+ course training, candidates require having a basic consideration of the network, domain, systems, servers, and networking devices.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

Exam Code: SYO-601

Security+ is an industry-standard certification that educates the key skills needed to perform core security processes, and purposes in a domain. In addition, it inspires learners to follow a career in the IT security arena.

Security+ qualifies aspirants having progressive skills to secure networking devices, servers, and cloud operations in a given system. It is for IT specialists working on TCP/IP networking rooted on the operating system Windows, macOS, UNIX, or Linux.

The course imparts learners with the information and skills required to install, configure, and secure applications, systems, networking devices and perform threat analysis.


Learners possessing basic facts of network, OS, and devices can register for the course. However, participants with at least two years of IT administration knowledge are advised.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Training

Exam Code: N10-007

Network+ certification is a professional level of indulgence concerning emerging cloud and virtualization technologies. In addition, it also communicates the skills to troubleshoot, arrange, and manage wired and wireless networks.

A certified candidate can design and develop practical networks, configure, manage, and uphold crucial network devices. It also verifies that learners can validate the advantages and disadvantages of existing network configurations. Further, the network plus course educates on the methods to troubleshoot network issues competently.

The course describes a variety of networking devices, IP services, protocols, applications, routing, and switching at their suitable OSI layers. Aspirants are delivered with a situation to configure IP addressing components, associate and contrast the topographies of network topologies, kinds, and technologies.


To comprehensively complete the CompTIA Network+ course training positively, you require a basic acceptance of networking devices and networks. However, owning CompTIA A+ Certification is always a decent decision before Network+.

CompTIA CASP+ Certification Training

Exam Code CAS-003 & CAS-004

IT specialists working as engineers and keen to enhance their skills can register in CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner. This cybersecurity certification supports professionals to recover an enterprise’s cybersecurity willingness.

A performance-based certification delivers experts with knowledge improvement skills in the cybersecurity space. CASP+ delivers practical practices to the specialists empowering them at the progressive level of cybersecurity.

CASP+ is a show-based hands-on certification created for advanced practitioners occupying or managing cybersecurity. Professionals are skilled in security architecture and engineering segments.


Candidates are required to have five years of experience in handling network, domain, systems, servers, and networking devices. However, it is always optional that aspirants have Network+ certification.

CompTIA CySA+ Certification Training

Exam Code CS0-002

CompTIA CySA+ has measured a transitional-level cyber security certification. This cybersecurity analyst certification comprises hands-on, presentation-based questions, and multiple-choice questions.

The examination ensures each candidate owns the facts, skills, and capability to address security analytics. The analytics joins detection, intrusion, and response.


Beginners need to have Network+, Security+ or equivalent certification to enroll in the course. Wherein, professionals require having 3 or 4 years of hands-on experience for registration eligibility.

CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Training

Exam Code: PT0-001

Professionals with job roles to identify, manage vulnerabilities, and report about the network security issues would discover PenTest+ certification enhancing their skills.

PenTest+ includes practical, multiple-choice, and presentation-based questions. The course training assures that every aspirant has the info, skills, and competence to attain tasks on systems. Furthermore, students fitting from any background can afford the CompTIA PenTest+ cost easily.

The certification educates the skills required to perform vulnerability scanning, planning, and penetration testing using appropriate tools. It imparts candidates to comprehend the legal and compliance necessities. Applicants having CASP+ are always beneficial.


Beginners require having Security+ certification and professionals should have 3 years of hands-on IT security are recommended.

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