How To Start A Career in Cyber Security Industry

How To Start A Career in Cyber Security Industry

Beginners and experts who wish to begin their career in cyber security require having a decent command of the Python programming language.

A piece of good knowledge is required related to network security before you begin the cyber security classes. You must be aware of networking devices such as routers, switches, and associated devices. You must have an idea to install servers and configure TCP/IP protocols for networking.

Once you are done with it all, install a penetration testing OS Kali Linux. During the course training, you will be practicing in the lab to hack networks, pre-connection, post-connection, gaining access, and learning about front-end, back-end, server, and client-side attacks ethically.

Cyber security involves ethical hacking, penetration, testing networks, servers, and rechecking the technologies and tools for security breaches. Protecting networks and hacking your network to strengthen loopholes in accessibilities are the two segments in cyber security.

Need of cyber security courses

Google says that the keyword ‘cyber security is searched more than 10k times per day. Companies, students, and professionals are searching for the word to read tutorials, find courses, know about certifications, and find professionals for the jobs.

There are numerous articles and blogs accessible online defining the requirements of cybersecurity professionals across the international industries. Thousands to millions are the unfilled jobs available in every industry. Therefore, candidates who completed certification in cyber security have a plethora of opportunities to explore the world of IT security.

Cyber security tutorials

Ethical hacking and penetration are the two main concepts of cyber security. CompTIA and EC-Council are the two biggest and world-recognized academic cybersecurity training providers imparting courses and certifications to the candidates.

Candidates possessing certification on the subject can grab lucrative jobs across the continents.

Entire cyber security tutorials are available online by the training providers. These are books, PDF material, video tutorials, etc.

Candidates, who want to opt for self-paced, online, or one-to-one cyber security training, can register to Mildain Solutions – the cybersecurity course-training partner of CompTIA and EC-Council.

Are cyber security jobs in demand?

Cyber fraud cases reported in 2020

India: 50356

USA: 1.4 millions

UK: 0.3 millions

Australia: 67, 500

Brazil: 318,700

The list will go on. As per the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), there have been over 4 million cases reported from the countries in 2020.

These cases include individuals and enterprises. There are more than one million jobs in cyber security remaining unfilled in 2020-21.

Therefore, you receive the right to choose location, company, and salary as per your desire and needs. You just need a cyber security certification to begin applying for a lucrative job.

Building a successful career in cyber security

Select the job role of your preference.

Network security engineer: As a network security engineer, candidates will be applying and handling security systems. Your main accountability will be to monitor the complete strategy and recover automation to identify and break threats.

Security architect: Professionals will be answerable for researching, planning, and executing a security system. This will also comprise cooperating with network security engineers to devise the strategies and uphold them.

Cybersecurity analyst: As the name proposes, you have to study and analyze threats to plan security events. You will also be responsible for leading vulnerability tests and training other staff with the assistance of the results to guarantee that they always take the best method to avoid threats.

Your main accountability will be to see if the security substructure and the strategy are aligned with the business's values, processes, and vision.

Cyber security courses

To get the best things in life, we all need to work at least once in a lifetime. Therefore, enrolling in one of the cybersecurity courses is the pathway to achieving success in the industry.

Top training collaborates of cyber security courses:

  • Mildain Solutions
  • Koenig Solutions
  • Simplilearn
  • Edureka
  • Intellipaat
  • Udemy
  • Great Learning
  • Learning Tree
  • NetCom Learning

CompTIA and EC-Council are the two recognized and authentic cyber security course developers in the industry.

Mentioned below are the courses that candidates should opt for to mark success in their careers.

  • Security+
  • Network+
  • CASP+
  • CySA+
  • PenTest+
  • CEH
  • C|EH Master
  • CND

There is a Cyber Security Master’s Degree provided by Mildain Solutions. The master’s course includes important certification courses of CompTIA and EC-Council.

Summarizing the content

Candidates have to enroll in training, ensure rigorous lab practice, and study for certification to become eligible for all kinds of positions available in cyber security. Mildain Solutions has top-rated experienced trainers who are professionals working in top MNC companies. You receive lifetime digital materials and assistance along with world-class cyber security training experience here.

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