How to combat cyber security threats

How to Combat Cyber Security Threats? Its Solutions

Cybercrime, cyber-attack, cyber frauds, phishing, email frauds, hacking, and so on are the buzzing words that have occupied the entire social media platforms.

In a recent tweet, it was stated that when a fraudster hacks into an email account, it gains access to defraud your clients, customers, partners, and may forge payment invoices or bank credentials.

Whether it is an individual or business, a hack into the data or credential can cause serious and sensitive issues.

Conducting cyber awareness training for a group, society or workforce could be a solution to protect your digital belongings from unauthorized access.

Recently, there has been big news related to Bitcoin and Dogecoin appearing in all top search engines such as Google and MSN, cautioning cryptocurrency investors about cyber frauds.

According to the top news agencies in the United States, cryptocurrency cybercrimes booked approximately 4.52 billion loss in the year 2021. Several cryptocurrency investors declared themselves bankrupt due to extreme hacking into their accounts.

It has been estimated that by 2025, cybercrime would cost the business world USD 10.5 trillion

To curb the loss, government agencies all over the world are promoting and equipping IT training institutions for imparting skill-based cyber security certification training to the participants.

CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association), EC-Council, Mildain Solutions, Koenig Solutions, Edureka, Intellipaat, Great Learning, Learning Tree, etc. are some of the reputed IT training providers imparting exclusive training to the aspirants.

In recent times, registration to cyber security courses has become a trend across the online arena.

Concluding entire statements of corporates and other business establishments, the IT news agencies have reported that there is a need for 4 million-cyber security certified professionals across the hubs.

It all indicates that a career in cyber security shall offer great opportunities to certified candidates. Stability, jobs availability, and better salary are the three elements every cyber-trained candidate would be availing in the near future. Jobs across the nations would be a significant attraction for the participants.

Along with certification courses in cybersecurity, there is cyber awareness training also conducted for the workforce. Employees are the strength of an enterprise. However, they are the most vulnerable entities of hacking activities.

The traps of hacking are Phishing, Cookie Theft, Bait and Switch Attack, Fake W.A.P, Key Logger, ClickJacking Attacks, Viruses, Trojans, Denial of Service (DoS\DDoS) Attacks, etc. Well! The name of the traps just does not end here. There are plenty of fraudster activities prevailing in cyberspace, which need to be addressed by the cybercrime authorities.

Today, the initiative in corporate social responsibility demands big establishments to join hands and conduct several cyber awareness programs across the societies to curb the individual and business losses incurred from hacking and malicious apps.

These all have resulted in creating huge job availability in cyberspace. Jobs in the cyber security arena are flourishing immensely.

Startup and small business groups are looking for cyber security consultants who can implement, and keep an eye on their domains from remote locations. Such business establishments, which cannot afford to pay professionals on a full-time basis, are hiring certified candidates on an hourly basis. There are vast options available for the participants to earn money as cyber security consultants.

In addition, mid-sized organizations are looking for vendor companies, which can provide cyber security services for their domain. Big enterprises such as Dell, UBS, Deloitte, Barclays, Microsoft, Informatica, Mastercard, etc are the ones searching for cyber security experts who can protect their networks from hackers.

As mentioned, the authorities are aiding cybersecurity training institutes to spread awareness and train aspirants for the job.

Mentioned below are the most popular cyber security courses provided by the best academies.



Mildain Solutions

Similarly, academics are providing their best corporation to the workforce and candidates in cyberspace.

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