Android Training & Certification Courses

Android Training & Certification Courses

Android apps made the phones smart and useful by creating various benefits and features. It informs you about your calorie intake, meetings, and geographic location, connects you with people across continents, and enables you to do banking transactions on the go. There are several benefits delivered after the phones became smart with Android OS and applications. It is not easy to compile everything in this piece of writing.

It is a forecast that the mobile market might see 90% of Android users in the next five years. However, Android apps and Android phones have a strong user-base of 67% in comparison to iOS and others.

Android is all over and it will be a wise decision if you enroll to any Android training course to build a strong career. Mildain Trainings invites aspirants to join its Android training with 100% job assurance.

Beginners who are new to the technology and aspire to be an expert must read the five Android App development fundamentals listed below:

Java and XML

The core prerequisites of enrolling in Android certification training are to have hands-on Java and XML. These two programming languages are used in Android App development. Packages, Objects & Classes, Inheritance & Interfaces, Strings & Numbers, Generics, Collections and Concurrency are fundamentals of Java and XML that the candidates must be aware of.

Familiarity with tools and environment

Android app development is all about automation and integration. Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and Gradle are the sets of powerful tools that help learners build and manage new apps. Also, getting familiarized with source control tools and concepts such as GitHub would be an added benefit.

Study on the application components

The five most important components that you need to study on are Activities, Services, and Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers, and Activating components. Candidates digging the information on these mentioned application components will acquire the skills in Android application development.

Threads, Loaders, Fragmentations, and Tasks

Android is made for various devices and operating systems delivering various features and benefits. Android is known for its perfect UI and UX. So, candidates enrolling in Android certification training should have philosophical thinking and approach.

Unstoppable Java

Plugins, libraries, coding, expansion formula for all devices, SDK, and whatnot. For the beginners, Mildain Trainings provides a course on Advanced Java Training available at self-paced learning.

Conclusion: Google reported that 191 million mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2021. This data is enough to forecast the successful expansion of Android and its application. The data is going to reach billions one day. So, do not miss the train to achievement and accomplishment. Enroll in Android training and certification today to claim your dreams.

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