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Smartphones, tablets, video game system, and drones are the devices operate through Android operating system or Android software. It is estimated that smartphone population will rise to 6.1 billion by 2021. Participants enrolling to Android training courses may well predict the growth in the Android sector.

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Training Features

Experiential Workshops

Top-rated instructors imparting in-depth training, hands-on exercises with high energy workshop

Certificate Exam Application Assistance

The training program includes several lab assignments, developed as per real industry scenarios.

Certificate Exam Success Formula

Training begins taking a fresh approach from basic, unique modules, flexible, and enjoyable.

Certificate Journey Support

Basic to intermediate and eventually advanced practicing full hands-on lab exercises till you master.

Free Refresh Course

Refresh training for experts for mastering and enhancing the skills on the subjects with fresh course modules.

Exclusive Post-Training Sessions

Includes evaluation, feedback, and tips to handle critical issues in live setup after you are placed in a job.

Program Calendar

  • Available Dates
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png11 FEB, 2023
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekdays
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png18 MAR, 2023
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png08 APR, 2023
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
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Course Overview

Android course and training certification enable participants to achieve and present knowledge and skills to execute tasks as a mobile developer. With this Android certification, the software Android developers can acquire gratitude in the industry and endorse themselves to relevant employers, projects, or communities.

Key Features

right.png Designed for Instructors by Instructors
right.png Flexible and Customizable Based on Course Format
right.png Rigorously Evaluated to Ensure Adequate Coverage of Exam Objectives
right.png Hands-on Practice with Virtual Labs

Learning Objectives

The Android training enables students with the skill to install and configure Android development tools and applications. In addition, participants attain the lab assignment on designing and developing user Interfaces. Moreover, candidates learn to enable Java programming concepts to Android application development and the Android platform.


Beginners need to have basic knowledge about programming. Candidates having basic hands-on information on the Java would assume supportive.


It is an open source; therefore, you get a wide area to explore your imaginations. Android developers achieve better job roles, stability in career, and good salaries slab. Android certification enables you to acquire a special corner in the global market.

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Technical Areas Covered

  • Android Programming
  • Eclipse and Android Studio
  • XML app design
  • Tackling Databases and APIs
  • Unit Testing
  • Fixing Bugs

Course Curriculum

  • Topic Covered:

    • The Android family
    • Overview of Android and Android SDK
    • History of Android
    • Android features
  • Topic Covered:

    • Introduction to OS layers
    • Linux kernel
    • Libraries
    • Android Runtime
    • Application framework
  • Topic Covered:

    • System requirements
    • Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
    • Creating first Android application
    • Project Structure
  • Topic Covered:

    • Android application building blocks
    • Activating components
    • Shutting down components
    • Life Cycle of Application
    • Development tools, Manifest File
    • Life Cycle of Activity
  • Topic Covered:

    • View Hierarchy and Layouts
    • UI Events
    • Building Menus
    • Notifying users
    • Creating dialogs
    • Graphics & Animations
  • Topic Covered:

    • Activity
    • Services
    • Content Providers
    • Broadcast Receivers
  • Topic Covered:

    • Overview of Android Resources
    • Creating Resources
    • Using Resources
    • Drawable Resources
    • Animation Resources
  • Topic Covered:

    • Shared Preferences
    • Internal Storage (Files)
    • External Storage(SD Card)
    • SQLite Databases
  • Topic Covered:

    • Playing audio/video
    • Media recording
    • Blue tooth
    • WiFi
    • Camera
    • TelephonyManager
    • Location Services
    • Google Maps
    • Deploying Android Application on Device

About the Program

Candidates completing the Android training successfully gains proficiency in Android application development for devices and other operating systems. Google conducts the exam for Android developer comprising Android architecture, platforms, applications, android wearable devices, and Google play store.

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We all know that Android is an open source mobile operating system built on Linux. There is a lot of similarity and dissimilarity exists when Android development is compared with Java. The key reason for registering to Android training is that Android development is the advanced version of the Java development.
Android applications and software is used in every devices, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Earning Android development certification enable you to attain the job titles of Mobile App Developer, Android Engineer, Mobile Architect, Mobile Embedded Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, etc.
  • Corporate training
  • One to One training
  • Self-paced training
Beginners need to have a basic understanding of programming language. Moreover, if applicants have their concepts clear in loops, lists, variables, and control structures in Java, it is considered beneficial for beginners.
Android course training remains high demand. The reasons that make the Android certification course demanding is the lucrative career pathway availed by the students.


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