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Xamarin Training is cross platform which is used for developing mobile application. For developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and other operating software Xamarin can be used along with C#. With Xamarin, using XAML based framework interface design for all three platforms can be developed.
Learn Xamarin Studio, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Cross Platform App Development Training Course by Mildaintrainings impart skills to new developers to build & design native mobile application, for fast performance & a higher credibility across the different mobile platform, like Windows, Android & iOSphones with C# which is the best language to develop mobile apps. Enroll & Get Certified now!

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Program Calendar

  • Available Dates
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    • cal.png29 June, 2024
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png06 July, 2024
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
    Live Virtual Training
    • cal.png13 July, 2024
    • time.png19:00 - 23:00 IST
    • week.pngWeekend
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Course Overview

Xamarin is built on an open-source platform. It is a Microsoft product and works on the abstraction layer. The product assists in managing communication between platforms efficiently.

The application performs with iOS, Windows, Android, and .Net. It uses shared code with primary boards code. Participants enrolling in Xamarin training learn to run the program in a managed environment. Thus, it is providing amenities such as memory allocation and garbage collection to the developers. This has supported and enabled developers to share most of their programs across boards.

The pattern permits software engineers to write code for the entirety of their business logic in a single language to earn native recital, look, and finish on each stand. Developers across the fields have appreciated the product as the program is written on multiple daisies and can be compiled into native packages following the requirements. For instance, an IPA file on iOS or an APK file on Android.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the use of different cross-platform mobile development options
  • Use the framework, construction and design of Xamarin-based applications
  • Build apps with Native User Interface
  • Develop Native Apps for Windows mobile, Android and iOS
  • Build an application using Xamarin.Forms
  • Establish, deploy and publish mobile apps


  • The app is developed to help developers
  • Developers can share codes
  • It is easy to test programs
  • The products developed works across stages
  • Easy to write cross-platform
  • Mostly C# with Visual Studio is the preferred
  • Prerequisites

    • Knowledge and working experience of C# and its libraries
    • Visual Studio
    • ASP.NET
    • OOPS Concept

    Xamarin process-flow

    The overall architecture of Xamarin sustains across cross-platforms. Android, iOS, and Windows are the only boards existing in the IT arena. The respective software has the strength to work on all daisies by customizing its potential.

    The app lets candidates develop native UI at every stage. This enables the creator's share to write business logic in C# across platforms. Participants learning the Xamarin course learn to share code in most cases.

    The incredible specification of the stand is that it has been built on top of. NET. The development has assisted in automatically manage tasks, that include memory allocation, interoperability with underlying platforms, and garbage collection.

    Features of Xamarin

    It pools in the capacities of native platforms, despite the fact of adding features to the application.

    As stated in previous notes, comprehensive binding for the fundamental SDKs initiates a quick resolution. Xamarin comprises the entire underlying SDK platform in both Android and iOS.

    Moreover, these combinations are strappingly typed, which means that they are efficiently used for navigation purposes. In addition, these also deliver robust compile-time type scrutinizing while developing apps. As mentioned, strongly typed combinations initiate higher-quality applications.

    Multiple language support – The most common and known programming languages existing in the development arena are Objective-C, Java, C, and C++. Xamarin delivers the services for straight entreating Objective-C, Java, C, and C++ libraries. It deploys the power to apply a wide range of third-party code.

    This flexibility permits you to apply the existing iOS and Android libraries written in Java, Objective-C, or C/C++. Furthermore, the board offers a combination of the projects permitting to bind native programing languages by applying a declarative syntax.

    The constructive languages building modern era – the respective application built to operate in multiple platforms are written in C#. it involves substantial developments over Objective-C and Java. Students learn about such dynamic features comprising the language in the Xamarin online course.

    The program uses the Robust Base Class Library (BCL). It is said to be a large gathering of classes. Furthermore, the comprehensive and streamlined topographies involve Database, Serialization, influential XML, Networking support, IO, and String. The added feature of the app is that the existing C# code can be collected for practicing in an app. This indicates access to thousands of libraries that add utilizes beyond the BCL.

    Therefore, it utilizes Visual Studio and modern integrated development environment (IDE) statistics.

    It features the following:

    • Auto code completion
    • Project and solution management system
    • Comprehensive project template library
    • Integrated source control

    The most important feature is the mobile cross-platform support. The mobile stage includes three major podiums. These stages are iOS, Android, and Windows.

    • 90% of the code can be shared
    • Offers a unified API
    • Able to access common resources

    Shared code can meaningfully decrease both development time and costs to market for mobile developers.


    • Efficient to compile from C# into Intermediate Language (IL)
    • Run within the Mono execution environment
    • Android Runtime (ART) virtual machine
    • Enabling.NET bindings to the Java namespaces and Android

    Participants will learn about managed callable Wrappers in Xamarin training course


    It is ahead of its time supporting and compiling Objective-C, C+, C++ for binding and communication.


    It is responsible for providing cross-platform APIs for native device features. As mentioned earlier, it is an abstraction that abridges the procedure of retrieving native functionality.

    For instance:

    • File system
    • Device info
    • Phone dialer
    • Accelerometer
    • Screen lock
    • Text-to-speech

    Mildain Solutions provides a comprehensive Xamarin training to the students. Design, construct, and enrol to Xamarin course certification to create your own future before the fortune.

    Course Curriculum

    • Topic Covered:

      • Xamarin Studio overview
      • Installing Xamarin Forms
      • Beginning Xamarin Trial Development
      • Licensing for compiling and testing Xamarin Forms Apps
      • Visual Studio plug-in for Building Apps with Forms (only for windows Machines)
    • Topic Covered:

      • iOS Application Structure
      • Android Application Structure
      • Native Platform features and Architectures
      • iOS and Android Life Cycle
      • How do Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android Interact and Compile to Native Environments.
      • Calling native functions and libraries.
      • Compiling and Running Native Builds.
      • How do these Native SDKs differ from Xamarin Forms.
    • Topic Covered:

      • Basic Controls – Editor, Images, Labels
      • TableView Control and ListView Control
      • Custom Controls For each platform
      • Accessing Native Controls via Dependency Service and Dependency Injection
    • Topic Covered:

      • Web View Control
      • Accessing Web Services on each platform
    • Topic Covered:

      • Web View Control
      • Accessing Web Services on each platform
    • Topic Covered:

      • Shared Projects
      • PCL Solution
    • Topic Covered:

      • Introduction to Forms
      • Xamarin Forms XAML basicso
      • Building Controls with XAML and C#
      • Data Binding
      • Working with Controls
      • Controlling Styles and Custom Controls
    • Topic Covered:

      • The Native Directory Structures
      • Using SQLite with different platforms in PCL
      • Using SQLite with different platforms in Shared Project
      • Accessing Application Folders and Shared Folders
      • Adapting the Code to Platform specific Folder structure
      • Accessing resources from Shared resources
    • Topic Covered:

      • Accessing resources from Android Project
      • Accessing resources from iOS Project
      • Accessing resources from Shared Code Project
    • Topic Covered:

      • Optimizing the Compile Resources and Libraries
      • Tweaking the compiler settings for Processing
      • Localization using RESX Resource
      • Testing and Publishing
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