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Xamarin tRAINING is cross platform which is used for developing mobile application. For developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and other operating software Xamarin can be used along with C#. With Xamarin, using XAML based framework interface design for all three platforms can be developed.

Learn Xamarin Studio, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Cross Platform App Development Training Course by Mildaintrainings impart skills to new developers to build & design native mobile application, for fast performance & a higher credibility across the different mobile platform, like Windows, Android & iOSphones with C# which is the best language to develop mobile apps.

5 Days / 40hrs

For Corporate / Online Training

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XAMARIN Tutorial For Beginners


Xamarin mobile application course allows developers to build & design native mobile application, for fast performance & a higher credibility across the different mobile platform, like Windows, Android & ios phones with C# which is the best suited language to develop mobile apps.

The Cross platform app development training a mobile app development training course accredits developers to create apps by using ‘‘Native interface controls’’ using C# & Xamarin Libraries. Mildaintrainings will provide the xamarin app development course that assists developers to create Xamarin apps which will be user friendly as well as compatible with the functions of the underlying device & platform like Android Fragments & others, to entitle the best possible experiences in using applications.

Mildaintrainings’s Xamarin mobile app development training course expert trainer shall help you to create very best suited applications & it will enhance your skills in building cross-platform applications. Those developers having good knowledge of Visual studio & C#, xamarin app development course, cross platform app development training is very useful.

Pre-requisites for Xamarin Training

  • Knowledge and working experience of C# and its libraries
  • Visual Studio
  • OOPS Concept

Objectives of the course

The developers will be able to

  • Understand the use of different cross-platform mobile development options
  • Use the framework, construction and design of Xamarin-based applications
  • Build apps with Native User Interface
  • Develop Native Apps for Windows mobile, Android and iOS
  • Build an application using Xamarin.Forms
  • Establish, deploy and publish mobile apps

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to understand and implement the Xamarin Forms Development KIT
  • Increases ability to use Xamarin Studio for developing Native Apps for Windows mobile, Android and iOS
  • You get real-time experience and understanding of Xamarin functionality for designing the User Interface of the applications
  • Ability to create and managing fragments
  • You get accurately trained to incorporate and integrate of Camera API and maps functionality
  • You will be able to successfully establish, install and publish apps on the store

After successful completion of the xamarin app development, cross platform app development training course, you will get ‘‘Xamarin mobile app development training course, completion certificate’’.


Xamarin Training Curriculum

Introduction to Xamarin
  • Xamarin vs. Hybrid Framework vs. Native Framework
  • Xamarin Development IDE Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio
  • Xamarin Architecture
  • Introduction to Mono
Xamarin Development
  • Xamarin Cross platform solutions
  • Xamarin Family
  • Xamarin Development Approaches
  • Xamarin Advantages
  • Xamarin Disadvantages
Setup the Development Environment on Mac
  • Setting up Xamarin on Mac
  • Configuring XCode, Visual Studio and Android SDK
  • Verify your Xamarin environment

Xamarin Project Types

  • Xamarin Shared Projects
  • Xamarin Portable Class Libraries
  • Introduction to Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Introduction to Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.Android Application Structure
  • Xamarin.Android Architecture
  • Xamarin.Android Code Compilation
  • Xamarin.Android APIs
Android fundamentals
  • Activities
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Resources
  • Manifest
Running, Deployment, Testing
  • Deploying app to Emulator and Devices
  • Debugging in Emulator
  • Debugging in Device
  • Android Debug Log
  • Testing app in different emulator
  • Introduction to iOS
  • iOS Architecture
  • Introduction to Xamarin.iOS
  • Xamarin.iOS Application Structure
  • Xamarin.iOS Architecture
  • Xamarin.iOS Code Compilation (AOT)
  • Xamarin.iOS APIs
iOS fundamentals
  • Storyboard
  • Segues
  • Views
  • View Controllers
  • Layouts
  • Resources
iOS Life Cycle
  • iOS Life Cycle
  • iOS Life Cycle States

Running, Deployment, Testing

  • Deploying app to Simulator and Devices
  • Debugging in Simulator
  • Debugging in Device
  • Testing app in different Simulator
Windows UWP
  • Page
  • Controls
  • Layouts
  • Resources
Windows UWP Life Cycle
  • Windows UWP Life Cycle
  • Windows UWP Life Cycle States
  • Running, Deployment, Testing
  • Deploying app to Emulator and Devices
  • Debugging in Emulator
  • Debugging in Device
  • Testing app in different Emulators
Xamarin Forms
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Introduction to Xamarin Forms
  • Xamarin Forms Architecture
  • Xamarin Forms UI
  • Xamarin Forms UI Rendering Process
  • Xamarin vs. Xamarin Forms
  • Xamarin Forms Code Sharing Strategy
  • PCL or Shared Project
  • Advantages of PCL over Shared Project
Xamarin Forms Fundamentals
  • Pages
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Cells
Xamarin Forms Views/Controls and Views Alignment
  • Xamarin Forms Views/Controls
  • Comparing Xamarin Forms Controls with Native
  • Views Alignment
Xamarin Forms App Life Cycle
  • Xamarin Forms Application Methods
  • Comparing Android and iOS and Windows App Life Cycle
  • Introduction to XAML
  • How XAML Works?
  • Advantages of XAML
  • XAML vs. Code
  • XAML Compilation
  • Xamarin XAML Page
XAML Properties
  • XAML Properties Syntax
  • Attached Properties
  • Content Properties
  • XAML Markup Extensions
  • Other XAML Standard Markup Extensions
  • Introduction to Resources
  • Resource Dictionary
  • Static and Dynamic Resources
  • x:Static
  • Styles
  • Xamarin Forms Layouts
  • Layout Options
  • Stack Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Relative Layout – Constraint Expression Properties
Layouts Contd.
  • Absolute Layout
  • Absolute Layout Flags
  • Comparing iOS, Android and Xamarin.Forms Layouts
  • Content View
  • Scroll View
  • Frame
Data Binding and MVVM
  • Data Binding
  • Data Binding Modes
  • MVVM
  • MVVM Event Handling
  • Events and Handlers
  • ICommand Interface
  • Command with a Parameter
  • Triggers
  • Introduction to Navigation
  • Hierarchical Navigation
  • Modal Pages
  • A Simple Master Detail
  • Master Detail Page
  • Tabbed Page
  • Carousel Page
  • Displaying Popups
  • Toolbar Items
Data Access SQLite and RESTful Services
  • Setting Up SQLite
  • Using SQLite
  • INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
  • Consuming RESTful Services
  • Populating a Basic List
  • Cell Appearance
  • Custom Cells
  • Grouping Items
  • Handling Selections
  • Context Actions
  • Pull to Refresh
  • Search Bar
  • Multimedia API
  • Playing Audio
  • Playing Video
  • Accessing Camera
  • Alarm Manager
  • Gallery
Telephony API
  • Telephony Manager
  • Phone State
  • SIM state
  • SIM Number
  • Network Type
  • Internet Status
  • Making Phone Call
  • Send SMS
  • Notification API
  • Creating Notification Builder
  • Setting Notification Properties
  • Attaching Actions
  • Issuing Notification
  • Maps Initialization
  • Platform Configuration
  • Using Maps
  • Maps Types
  • Google Map
  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • Customizing Theme
Discussing Project Architecture
  • Understanding Application layers
  • Discussing Application Entities Properties
  • Discussing Relationship among Application Entities
Developing Project
  • Designing Application Architecture
  • Developing Service layer using Entity Framework Code First
  • Implementing User Login and SignUp Process
  • Storing User Details in Local DB
Navigation and Profile
  • Creating Side menu
  • Updating Profiles
My Store
  • Creating My Store for product listing
  • Searching Products
  • Product Details
Shopping Cart
  • Creating Shopping Cart
  • Adding Products to Shopping Cart
  • Removing Products from Shopping Cart
Payment Gateway
  • Understanding Payment Gateway Process
  • Integrating Payment Gateway
  • Sending/Receiving data to and from Payment Gateway
  • Placing order
Store Deployment Google, Apple, Windows
  • Preparing the App for store deployment
  • Adding Application Icons and Images
  • Adding Splash Screen
  • Packaging and Distributing the App
  • Uploading to App Store

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Exercises & Project Work

Each module will be followed by practical assignments and lab exercises to exercise your learning . Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project where you be expected to create a project based on your learning . Our support team is available to help through email, phone or Live Support for any help you require during Lab and Project work.

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The entire training course content is designed by industry professionals and helps you get the best jobs in the top MNCs. As part of this training you will be working on real time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effortlessly.

Mildain Trainings enjoys strong relationships with multiple staffing companies in US, UK and have +80 clients across the globe. If you are looking out for exploring job opportunities, you can pass your resumes once you complete the course and we will help you with job assistance. We don’t charge any extra fees for passing the resume to our partners and clients.

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