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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Training

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is a leading business process platform that coordinates a digital business’ process, people, context, and actions for better business outcomes. With flexible processes able to react to the right business events in real time, it meets all of an organization’s business process needs. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM helps you go beyond automation to digitalize your business.Enroll & Get Certified now!

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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Training

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is a leading business process platform that coordinates a digital business’ process, people, context, and actions for better business outcomes. With flexible processes able to react to the right business events in real time, it meets all of an organization’s business process needs. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM helps you go beyond automation to digitalize your business.

What you will Learn

  • Organisation Modeler
  • AMX BPM Deployment Architecture
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Workspace
  • Defining Object Models


There is no pre-requisites for this course


Learning Objectives:

Get started with what is TIBCO AMX BPM?,how to build the business processes and how to use it administrator level during run time.

  • Automation of your enterprise
  • BPM Defined
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM: For Business Processes
  • TIBCO Business Studio: Model-Driven Development
  • Runtime: TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Administrator
  • ActiveMatrix BPM User Clients
Learning Objectives:

Understanding the creation of project,organization model and schemas,how to model the elements in an organization,adding groups,defining relationships and also about the eclipse environment.

  • Eclipse Environment
  • Creating a Project
  • Creating Organization Model
  • Modelling elements in an Organization
  • Defining Relationships
  • Adding Groups
  • Assigning Privileges
  • Capabilities
  • Using RQL ( Resource Query Language), Creating Schemas
Learning Objectives:

In this module,you will learn about the deployment along with the configuration and logic,node details,node features and how to examine it and runtime components of AMX BPM.

  • ActiveMatrix BPM Deployment
  • ActiveMatrix runtime components
  • Examining Node Details
  • BPM Node Features
  • Node configuration Details
  • Deployment Configuration
  • Deployment Logic
Learning Objectives:

The focus in this module helps you to know the assigning resources to positions and groups,organization browser and linking the organization model to LDAP users.

  • Organization Browser
  • Linking Organization Model to LDAP Users
  • Assign Resources to Positions and Groups
  • Big Picture: Runtime Components
Learning Objectives:

Know about the business object modeller and model editor,primitive types,enumerations,how to define packages, classes and attributes and also linking objects using generalization and associations.

  • Business Object Modeller
  • Business Object Model Editor
  • Defining Packages and classes
  • Primitive Types
  • Enumerations
  • Defining Attributes
  • Linking Objects: Generalization
  • linking Objects: Associations
  • Aggregations and Compositions
  • BPMN 2.0 Elements
Learning Objectives:

This chapter describes the creation and execution of the Business Process Model,defining process packages,package contents,details of process and participant and the BPMN elements.

  • Process Modelling in TIBCO Business Studio
  • Creating Business Process Model
  • Hierarchy of Process Objects
  • Defining Process Packages
  • Package Contents
  • Project Explorer
  • Process Details
  • Participant Details
  • PMN Elements
  • Executing Business Process Model
Learning Objectives:

Learn how to configure user task interface,defining parameters and data fields and the default form layout.

  • Data Fields and Parameters
  • Defining Data Fields
  • Defining Parameters
  • Configure User Task Interface
  • Form Preview
  • Default Form Layout
Learning Objectives:

Here,you will know the types and starting of business service,exposing the PAAS and different types of views.

  • PAAS (Process As A Service)
  • Expose Process as a Service
  • Business Service to call a PAAS
  • Types of Business Service
  • Creating a Business Service for a PAAS
  • Deploying project
  • Starting Business Service
  • Recap- Workspace Views
  • Work views
  • Event Views
  • Process Views
  • Links to Views
  • Process Audit Log
Learning Objectives:

This session provides the briefest possible of most of the different types of events and gateways.

  • BPMN Events and Gateways
  • Gateways
  • Using Gateways
  • Exclusive Data-Based Gateway
  • Sequence Flows
  • Intermediate EventsUsing Intermediate Events
  • Timer Intermediate Events
  • Signal Intermediate Events
  • Activity Deadline
  • Withdraw Activity
  • Review
  • BPMN Exercise
  • BPMN Solution
Learning Objectives:

What is page flow process?, overview of page flow process with example, types of forms,rules of action types, execution order of script and also JSON files are provided in this chapter.

  • Pageflow Process: Definition
  • Pageflow as a Business Service: Recap
  • Enhancing User Form Interaction
  • Characteristics of Pageflow Process
  • Creating a Pageflow Process
  • Create Pageflow Process Wizard
  • Associate Pageflow with Work Item
  • Pageflow Example: Work Item Form
  • Custom Forms
  • Forms Design Environment
  • Form Outline Views
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Form Bindings
  • Direction Of Bindings
  • Cascading Style Sheets for styling
  • Actions
  • Action Types Rules
  • Form Parameters and Form Fields
  • Form Controls
  • Specifying Validations
  • Form Scripting Scope of Variables
  • Script Execution Order
  • JSON Files
Learning Objectives:

In this chapter ,you will learn about the distribution strategy and participants of user task,chained exception along with example, duties separation and the allocation and reallocation of work.

  • User Task Participants
  • User Task Distribution Strategy
  • Work Allocation Strategy
  • Piling
  • Chained Execution
  • Chaining Example
  • Chaining with Pageflow Example
  • Separation of Duties
  • Retain Familiar
  • Workspace- Allocating and Reallocating work
Learning Objectives:

This chapter includes the types of sub-processes,logging and auditing of Tibco AMX BPM,log files and configuring log levels and also views.

  • Sub-Process Types
  • Reusable Sub-Process
  • Refactoring a Process
  • Embedded Sub-Process
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Logging and Auditing
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Log Files
  • Logging Levels
  • ActiveMatrix BPM Loggers
  • Configuring Log level
  • Event ViewsError Event Views
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Workspace Logging
  • Open space Logger Gadget
  • TIBCO Business Studio Error Log
Learning Objectives:

This course helps you to configure a service task to send email messages using SMTP resource instance for deployment,providing Java task execution and many more.

  • ActiveMatrix BPM Service Tasks
  • Java Service Task
  • Java Task Execution
  • Database Service Task
  • Database Connection Profile
  • JDBC Connection Resource Instance
  • Database service Task Configuration
  • E-Mail Service Task
  • SMTP Resource Instance
  • Deployment Of Service Tasks
Learning Objectives:

Here,you will come to know different concepts like service types, deployment, configuration and operations of web service task, WSDL and exposing business process as a web service.

  • Recap-ActiveMarix BPM Service Tasks
  • SOAP Web Service Operations
  • Process as a Service: Use Cases
  • Business Process as
  • a Web Service
  • Service Descriptors Folder
  • WSDL Document
  • Service Types
  • Web Service Task Configuration
  • HTTP Client Resource Instance
  • Deployment Of Web Service Task
Learning Objectives:

This lesson gives the overview of pageflows such as usage patterns,key points and best practices of it and also long and short running services.

  • Key Points: Pageflow Processes
  • Pageflow Usage Patterns
  • Long Running Services
  • Short Running Services
  • Pageflow Best Practices
Learning Objectives:

Here,you will know about the definition, gadgets and configuration of openspace,analysis of process and work items,audit logs and the event viewer.

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Openspace
  • Configure Openspace
  • Open space Gadgets
  • Examining Process Details
  • Interactive Audit Logs
  • Process and Work Items Analysis
  • Event Viewer
Learning Objectives:

What is system action? How to grant access and assign privileges to system actions and also the creation of supervised work view are included in this module.

  • System Actions
  • Granting Access to System Actions
  • Recap- Assigning Privileges
  • Supervised Work Views
  • Create Supervised Work View


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