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SONET, SDH and DWDM Training Course

SONET, SDH and DWDM Training course provides an overview of the SONET/SDH and DWDM networking elements, and their technologies, required to build evolving transport networks. It provides you with a comprehensive business and technical foundation in optical networks, services and applications development.

  • ✔ Course Duration : 2 Days
  • ✔ Training Options : Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
  • ✔ Certification Pass : Guaranteed


SONET, SDH and DWDM Training course provides an overview of the SONET/SDH and DWDM networking elements, and their technologies, required to build evolving transport networks. It provides you with a comprehensive business and technical foundation in optical networks, services and applications development.

What you will Learn

  • Understand SONET/SDH Technology
  • Understand SONET/SDH Transmission Hierarchy
  • Explore SONET/SDH Architectures & Services
  • Understand Digital Signal Synchronization
  • Understand SONET/SDH Network Elements
  • Develope SONEt/SDH network architecture and configuration using Terminal Multiplexe, Regenerator, Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADMs), Digital Cross-Connects and Digital Loop Carrier
  • Understand Protection Switching



    Learning Objectives:

    • Broadband Networks
    • B-ISDN, ATM, and SONET/SDH
    • Optical Networks
    • Fiber Optic Fundamentals
    • Access, metro, long hual networks
    • SONET/SDH Overview
    • Overview, Architectures and Services
    • SONET/SDH in Cable Television & Broadcast Networks
    • SONET/SDH in Enterprise Networks & LANs
    • Convergence of Services
    • Overview of SONET/SDH Structure & Formats
    • Overview of SONET/SDH Products & Features
    • Overview of SONET/SDH Networking
    • Introduction to Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

    Learning Objectives:

    • Fiber optic transmission
    • Optical fibres structure
    • Optical amplifiers
    • Light sources and transmitters
    • Photodiodes and receivers
    • Optical communication systems
    • Optical components

    Learning Objectives:

    • Evolving CPE/ILEC/IXCsInfrastructure & Services
    • Inter-Office & Core Networking with SONET/SDH
    • SONET/SDH in the Feeder Section
    • Loop Section & the Last Mile
    • ADSL (Twisted Pair)
    • HFC (Coax)
    • Strategies for DWDM & SONET/SDH in the 21st Century

    Learning Objectives:

    • Pointers, MUX/ DEMUX
    • Reduced Back-to-Back Multiplexing
    • Optical Interconnect
    • Multipoint Configurations
    • Convergence, ATM, Video, and SONE/SDH
    • Grooming
    • Reduced Cabling and Elimination of DSX Panels
    • Enhanced OAM&P
    • Enhanced Performance Monitoring

    Learning Objectives:

    • STS-1 Building Block
    • STS-1 Frame Structure
    • STS-1 Envelope Capacity
    • Synchronous Payload Envelope (SPE)
    • STS-1 SPE in Interior of STS-1 Frames
    • STS-N Frame Structure
    • Overheads
    • Section Overhead Line Overhead
    • STS Path Overhead
    • VT Path Overhead
    • SONET Alarm Structure
    • Pointers
    • VT Mappings
    • Concatenated Payloads
    • Payload Pointers
    • Positive Stuffing
    • Negative Stuffing
    • Virtual Tributaries
    • STS-1 VT1.5 SPE Columns
    • DS1 Visibility
    • VT Superframe and Envelope Capacity
    • VT SPE and Payload Capacity
    • SONET Multiplexing

    Learning Objectives:

    • Digital and Analog Transmission Standards
    • Digital Hierarchy
    • Origin of SONET/SDH
    • Why SONET/SDH? Why DWDM and WDM?
    • SONET/SDH Signal Format
    • STS/OC
    • STS-1 Frame
    • SONET Payload Pointers
    • STS-3 SPE
    • STS-48 SPE
    • Virtual Tributaries

    Learning Objectives:

    • Straturn Clock
    • Plesiochronous Clock
    • Overview of BITS

    Learning Objectives:

    • Technical Advantages
    • Redundancy
    • Layers & Functions
    • Network path, line, and section
    • Multiplexing Frame Structures/Formats
    • Ring Configurations (terminals, drops, inserts)
    • Network Synchronization (timing, modes, pointers, issues)
    • Applications & Services

    Learning Objectives:

    • Terminal Multiplexer
    • Regenerator
    • Add/Drop Multiplexer
    • Digital Cross-Connects
    • Digital Loop Carrier
    • Protection and Survivability
    • SONET Rings
    • Element Managers

    Learning Objectives:

    • Point-to-Point
    • Point-to-Multipoint
    • Hub Architecture
    • Ring Architecture

    Learning Objectives:

    • Engineering a SONET/SDH and DWDM link
    • What are the factors?
    • Amplifier power
    • Amplifier spacing
    • Fiber types
    • Channel count and bit rate
    • Channel Bit Rate
    • Dispersion and polarization
    • Non-linear effects

    Learning Objectives:

    • Customer and Carrier Advantages
    • OAM&P
    • Multi-vendor Interoperability and Management
    • Routing
    • Event Management
    • Performance Management
    • Integrated SONET/SDH Management
    • Standards for Network and Service Management
    • SONET Rings
    • SONET/SDH Services

    Learning Objectives:

    • Optical Networking and DWDM
    • Optical Network Breakthroughs
    • Special Fibers
    • S, C and L Bands
    • Optical Components
    • Optical Spectral Filters and Gratings
    • Optical Demultiplexers
    • The Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)
    • The Tunable Laser Diode Operating at 1550 nm
    • In-Fiber Bragg Grating
    • Light Sources
    • Optical Cross-Connects
    • Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers
    • DWDM and SONET

    Learning Objectives:

    • DWDM Anatomy
    • DWDM Impairments
    • DWDM Optical Amplifiers
    • DWDM Filter Modules
    • Wavelength Converters
    • Integrated DWDM Modules
    • Modal Effects
    • Scattering Effects
    • Miscellaneous Effects

    Learning Objectives:

    • Interworking Issues and Challenges
    • Protection and Restoration
    • Network Management and Service Delivery
    • Mapping IP on SONET
    • QoS

    Learning Objectives:

    • Basic Rates
    • Frame Structure
    • Overhead Bytes
    • STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64
    • Tributary Units (TUs)
    • SONET and SDH Compatibility

    Learning Objectives:

    • Regenerator Section Overhead
    • Multiplex Section Overhead
    • Higher-Order Path Overhead (VC-4/VC-3)
    • Lower-Order Path Overhead (VC-2/VC-1)
    • SDH Anomalies, Defects, Failures, and Alarms
    • SDH Error Performance Monitoring
    • SDH Pointers
    • Payload Pointers
    • Positive Pointer Justification
    • Negative Pointer Justification
    • SDH Multiplexing
    • SDH Tributary Multiplexing
    • Tributary Unit Group
    • TU Multiframe
    • TU Payload Pointer
    • Automatic Protection Switching
    • Multiplex Section Protection, K1/K2 Bytes
    • 1+1 Protection
    • 1:N Protection


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