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Mildaintrainings Revenue Assurance training program helps you understand basic concepts and best practices of Telecom Revenue Assurance. The aim of the Revenue Assurance Training Boot Camp Crash Course is to provide processes and methodologies that help plug the drain on revenue and maximize profits for telecom service providers.

  • ✔ Course Duration : 4 Days
  • ✔ Training Options : Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
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MILDAINTRAININGS Revenue Assurance training program helps you understand basic concepts and best practices of Telecom Revenue Assurance. The aim of the Revenue Assurance Training Boot Camp Crash Course is to provide processes and methodologies that help plug the drain on revenue and maximize profits for telecom service providers.

Our industry experts cover all aspects of the revenue assurance discipline, including: switch to bill, prepaid/IN, inventory reconciliation, configuration management, billing verification, cost management, fraud, interconnection, content settlement, partner management applied to voice, Internet, UMTS, HSPA/HSPA+, LTE, VoLTE, 5G, mobile data, applications, content, video, cloud services, MPLS, IPTV, VPN and managed services.

Revenue Assurance and Revenue management are the key concepts to create, manage, charge, assure, and collect all sources of revenue.

Equally important is the mandate to consolidate, migrate or transform your technical and operational infrastructures to improve performance and workplace productivity and lower data center, IT network and operational costs.

What you will Learn

  • List the impact of next generation networks and services on Revenue Assurance .
  • Detect, analyze, fix, and reclaim revenue leakages
  • Optimize end-to-end Revenue Assurance Strategies and Implementation
  • Outsmart fraud by subscribers and distributors
  • Discover the importance of cost-effective service provisioning
  • Understand how the mediation system can be helpful as a revenue assurance tool
  • Receive and utilize a review of fraud management systems and processes
  • Review audits and tests that can be used to identify errors in network integrity
  • Discover cost-effective customer retention strategies
  • Outline proper data mining and data warehousing will impact the Revenue Assurance implementation
  • Measure and report on the financial impact of revenue-assurance findings



    Learning Objectives:

    • Telecommunications Technologies and Services
    • Overview of Mobile Networks
    • Overview of Data, Voice, VPN, Messaging and Collaboration, Cloud and Internet Services
    • Overview of OSS and BSS
    • OSS/BSS Common Processes
    • What is Revenue Assurance (RA)?
    • Revenue Assurance concepts and best practices
    • Overview of Telecom BSS/OSS
    • Examining the current definitions
    • Why Revenue Assurance is important
    • The Billing Process Model
    • The root causes of CDRs and billing errors
    • Technology Definitions
    • Switches, mediation, billing and customer care systems
    • People Factors
    • Culture and communications
    • Network management, marketing, customer services and billing departments
    • Populating the Billing Process Model
    • Revenue assurance department as a profit center
    • Revenue loss occurs at the product design
    • Problem of debt collection

    Learning Objectives:

    • Pre-Sales and Sales Processes
    • Cost-Effective Service Provisioning
    • Discovering Errors in Network Integrity
    • Mediation System as a Revenue Assurance Tool
    • Rating, Tariffing and Billing
    • Effective Collection Processes
    • Reducing Bad Debt and Fraud
    • Policies for Termination and Churn Management
    • A Total Optimized End-to-End Revenue Assurance Strategy

    Learning Objectives:

    • Revenue Assurance Complexity and Advantages
    • Tools and Methods for RA Improvements
    • Processes
    • Capabilities
    • Tools
    • Technologies with quantifiable, monetary benefits
    • Revenue Assurance's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • The cost of failures – lost revenue and customer complaints, illustrated with real life statistics and case studies
    • Benchmarking against competitors as a key input to setting your own performance targets
    • Deciding what to measure and how Setting performance targets – what is reasonable, economically achievable and retains competitive differentiation
    • Performance reporting

    Learning Objectives:

    • Using the Billing Process Model to design an effective audit program
    • Who should audit? The audit team skills
    • Getting business value from audits and keeping audit costs down
    • Regulation: Issues and the operator response

    Learning Objectives:

    • Tables Management
    • Event Management and Control
    • Error Management
    • End-to-End Reconciliation
    • Invoice Processing and Distribution
    • Rate and Invoice Verification
    • Systems Interface Management
    • Problem Resolution and Tracking
    • Metrics and Management Reporting
    • User Acceptance Testing

    Learning Objectives:

    • The Cost of Revenue Leakage
    • The idea of Revenue Maximization
    • Establishing RA Priorities
    • Distinguishing Between Network Provisioning and Service Provisioning
    • Service Provisioning in the Organization
    • Inventory Management
    • Provisioning and Activation
    • Provisioning Fixed Network Services
    • Provisioning Basic Mobile Services
    • Provisioning in Next Generation Networks
    • Systems for Automated Service Provisioning
    • Workflow Management

    Learning Objectives:

    • Network Provisioning Errors
    • Assuring Network Integrity
    • Use of Network for Non-Revenue-Generating Traffic
    • Various Technical Frauds
    • Detecting Network Fraud

    Learning Objectives:

    • CDRs, xDRs and IPDRs
    • Detecting, Aggregating, Correlating and Distributing of data
    • Filtered Data
    • Loss of CDRs/IPDRs at the Switch and at the Mediation
    • The Role of Mediation in IP Applications
    • Customer Intelligence
    • Network Measurement Applications
    • QoS Measurement
    • Network Optimization
    • Role of Middleware and EAI

    Learning Objectives:

    • How Billing Impacts the RA's Bottom Line
    • Potential Problem Areas
    • Problems with the Billing System
    • Problems with Staffing
    • Problems with Outsourcing
    • Printing and Formatting
    • Issues with Billing Cycles
    • Problems in the Billing Process
    • Interconnect Billing
    • Problems with Dishonest Trading Partners

    Learning Objectives:

    • Debt Collection Processes
    • Problems of Third Party Debt
    • Tools to Control Bad Debt

    Learning Objectives:

    • Ensuring Error-free Deactivation
    • Churn Management
    • Why Churn Management is Important
    • Organizational Aspects of Revenue Assurance
    • Managing Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Integrating Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Services
    • Partner Relationship Management for Next Generation Services
    • The Impact of Next Generation Networks and Services

    Learning Objectives:

    • Introduction to telecoms fraud
    • controls and risks
    • fraud management lifecycle
    • Investigation processes and workflows
    • Fraud team structure
    • Evolution of fraud detection, and the strategies to tackle the various types of fraud

    Learning Objectives:

    • Why Revenue Leakage Occurs?
    • Potential Causes for Revenue Leakage
    • Collection Failures
    • Parsing Failures
    • Overrun Error Logs
    • Bad Correlation
    • Time Expirations for Matching
    • Billing System Rejection
    • Identification Failure for Higher Order Events
    • Other Sources

    Learning Objectives:

    • Sale & Marketing
    • Ordering & Activation
    • Customer Care
    • Network Operations
    • Interconnection
    • Rating & Invoicing
    • Finance
    • Fraud

    Learning Objectives:

    • Process Improvements and ROI
    • Overcoming organizational barriers to Revenue Assurance program
    • Overcoming cultural barriers to Revenue Assurance program
    • Automated OSS-to-BSS Reconciliation
    • Interconnection Billing Disputes
    • Tools to Stop Revenue Leakage
    • Reporting Tools
    • Testing Tools
    • Analysis Tools
    • Adaptive Revenue Assurance
    • Tools and Methodologies
    • MILDAINTRAININGS Revenue Assurance Framework
    • Operation Assessment and Improvement
    • Price Plan & Rate management
    • Major Future Problems
    • Advanced Topics
    • Case Studies and Workshop

    Learning Objectives:

    • Working on Revenue Assurance KPIs for GSM, HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE/VoLTE Networks
    • Billing KPIs
    • Fraud KPIs
    • Capacity Management and Technology deployment KPIs
    • Technology Operations KPIs
    • BSS/OSS helpdesk KPIs
    • Technology Operations Support KPIs
    • CRM KPIs
    • Network Economy and Quality Assurance KPIs
    • Developing RA Strategy
    • Product development & RA
    • Product assurance & Advanced product assurance


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