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    OSS/BSS Training Boot Camp

    OSS/BSS training course covers all aspects of operations and business support systems including fulfillment, assurance and billing.

    • ✔ Course Duration : 4 Days
    • ✔ Training Options : Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
    • ✔ Certification Pass : Guaranteed


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    20+ hrs




    OSS/BSS training course covers all aspects of operations and business support systems including fulfillment, assurance and billing.

    What you will Learn

    • Reduce opex and capex
    • Increase loyalty and revenue assurance
    • Reduce fraud
    • Improve ROI
    • Reduce churn



      Learning Objectives:

      • Operation Support Systems (OSS)
      • Business Support Systems (BSS)
      • Teleco vs. Enterprise
      • Telco vs. Cable/MSO
      • Wireless SPs
      • Current BSS/OSS Issues
      • Legacy BSS/OSS Environment
      • Next Generation BSS/OSS Market
      • Next Generation BSS/OSS Architecture and Requirements
      • Next Generation BSS/OSS Design
      • Role of ITU-T/TMN/ETSI/ANSI/TMForum Standards
      • BSS/OSS Integration
      • Middleware and EAI
      • Advanced Client-Server BSS/OSS Design Alternatives
      • CORBA/IDL/IIOP, Java/EJB, J2EE, .NET, Web Services, OSI/Q3, DCOM
      • BSS/OSS and Interconnection Issues
      • tML (T1M1.5/ANSI standardization of XML for OSS Interconnection )
      • Overview of TOM, eTOM and NGOSS
      • Optimizing End-to-End BSS/OSS Strategies

      Learning Objectives:

      • Business and Enterprise Management
      • Service Creation and Delivery
      • Customer Care Management
      • Network Management
      • Processes and Business Logic
      • OSS/BSS Framework Components
      • Service Orders
      • Billing Mediation
      • Rating
      • Billing
      • Network Operations Support
      • Engineering and Planning
      • Network Planning & Development
      • Service and Network Provisioning
      • Workflow Management
      • Inventory Management
      • Trouble/Repair Management
      • Network Management
      • Network Maintenance & Restoration
      • Network Data Management
      • Data is Key

      Learning Objectives:

      • NGOSS and eTOM
      • OSS Functional Characteristics and Components
      • TMN Management Functions
      • TMN Management Layers
      • TMN Compliance Characteristics
      • OAM&P Requirements
      • Configuration Management
      • Fault Management
      • Performance Management
      • Accounting Management
      • Security Management
      • New OSS Requirements Supporting Next Generation Networks

      Learning Objectives:

      • Billing
      • Customer care
      • Provisioning
      • Marketing and Sales Support
      • Workforce Management
      • Network Management
      • Inbound Web-Based Gateways
      • Outbound Gateways
      • Interconnection
      • Fraud Detection and Security
      • Churn Management
      • Emerging Technologies

      Learning Objectives:

      • DSL Services
      • IP based Services
      • VoIP
      • IP VPNs
      • Broadband
      • Data Services
      • Storage on Demand
      • Videoconferencing
      • IP-ATM Services
      • Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
      • Customer Self Provisioning
      • Real-Time Access to Customer Data/Accounts
      • Flow-Through Provisioning

      Learning Objectives:

      • BSS/OSS Implementation Alternatives
      • Object-Oriented Programming Technologies
      • New Management Platforms and Middleware
      • DCE
      • CORBA
      • Java/J2EE/J2SE/J2ME
      • .NET
      • Web Services
      • TINA-C
      • XML/tML
      • Software Development Processes
      • Next Generation Expert Systems
      • Data Warehousing
      • Enterprise Application Integration (EIA)

      Learning Objectives:

      • BSS/OSS Infrastructure of Telcos and Enterprises
      • BSS/OSS market trends
      • Vital competitive elements for converged services
      • Telcos and enterprises need new business systems to support the proliferation of services they will offer
      • Convergence of telephony and broadband
      • Competitive and converged marketplace
      • Open-Billing solutions
      • How to evaluate a potential BSS for converged services

      Learning Objectives:

      • Industry Approach
      • Service Providers Profile
      • Vendors Profile
      • Open Interfaces
      • Integration of Business and Systems Context
      • Business Process Optimization
      • Automation
      • Workflow Enabled Management Application Integration
      • Workflow Standardization
      • Building Integrated OSS Infrastructure
      • Integrated Platforms
      • Business Agreements
      • Information Agreements
      • Catalyst Projects
      • Implementing Workflow
      • Extension of the workflow to trading partners and incumbent local exchange carriers (ILEC)
      • Interconnection Gateways
      • BSS/OSS product solutions and vendors
      • Immediate and future needs

      Learning Objectives:

      • Service Fulfillment
      • Provisioning and Activation
      • Flow-through Provisioning
      • OSS Interconnection
      • Engineering and Opertaions
      • Requirements for Creating and Managing the Network
      • Planning and Engineering
      • Inventory
      • Network Design and Provisioning
      • Network Monitoring and Maintenance
      • Network Data Mediation
      • Requirements for Managing the Service Offerings
      • Service Planning and Development
      • Service Provisioning
      • QoS Management
      • Usage Rating
      • Tariffing
      • Billing and Formatting
      • CRM
      • Managing customer relationships
      • Self-service shopping, provisioning, account maintenance, trouble reporting and billing applications.
      • Increased flexibility in Billing platforms to accommodate credit and debit cards, prepaid services, gaming and others
      • Customer's ability to create and maintain customized service offerings
      • Fraud
      • Churn Management

      Learning Objectives:

      • Planning and Engineering
      • QoS
      • Inventory
      • Network Design and Provisioning
      • Network Monitoring and Maintenance
      • Network Data Mediation
      • Managing the Service Offerings
      • Service Planning and Development
      • Service Provisioning
      • Service Quality Management
      • Usage Rating
      • CRM
      • Creating and managing the network
      • Managing the service offerings
      • Managing customer relationships
      • Designs on OSS Integration
      • Incumbent concerns
      • Integrate now, benefit later

      Learning Objectives:

      • Level 2 Process Decompositions with Brief Descriptions
      • Operations Processes
      • Fulfillment (F) Processes
      • Assurance (A) Processes
      • Billing (B) Processes
      • Operations Support & Readiness (OSR) Processes
      • Customer Relationship Management Level 2 Process Descriptions
      • Strategy, Infrastructure and Product Processes
      • Enterprise Management Processes
      • Operations Support & Readiness Level 3 Process Decompositions with Brief Descriptions
      • The eBusiness SP Enterprise
      • eBusiness Environment
      • eBusiness Strategy and Service Provider Business Models
      • eBusiness Processes for Service Providers
      • Business Process Frameworks

      Learning Objectives:

      • Software Development Toolkit Providers
      • Solution Providers
      • Independent Software Vendors
      • Market Position
      • Products Offering
      • Standards Compliance
      • Strategy
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Assessments

      Learning Objectives:

      • TeleManagement Forum’s Telecom Operations Map (TOM/eTOM)
      • Service Assurance Program
      • Service Fulfillment Program
      • NGOSS (New Generation OSS) Catalyst Projects
      • NGOSS Architectural framework
      • Overview of Catalysts


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