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    Frameworx Training | eTOM Training Class | Business Process Framework

    MILDAINTRAININGS Frameworx Training (eTOM training), Business Process Framework, provides the details behind the standards for development and deployment of OSS/BSS (Operations/Business Support Systems). This course is intended to provide an overview of Frameworx, Business Process Framework and its key components.

    • ✔ Course Duration : 2 Days
    • ✔ Training Options : Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
    • ✔ Certification Pass : Guaranteed


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    MILDAINTRAININGS Frameworx Training (eTOM training),Business Process Framework, provides the details behind the standards for development and deployment of OSS/BSS (Operations/Business Support Systems). This course is intended to provide an overview of Frameworx, Business Process Framework and its key components.

    What you will Learn

    • Understand TM Forum Strategic Direction
    • Understand Business Process Framework, eTOM, SID, TAM and TNA, and the inherent relationship between them
    • Identify all the components of Business Process Framework, Frameworx and the relationship between them
    • Understand basic concepts of Business Process Framework (eTOM) and the Information Framework (SID), and their relationships
    • Understand how the frameworks can be used
    • Understand Business Process Framework, Business Process Map
    • Understand how to utilize Business Process Framework frameworx
    • The Service-Oriented Approach to System Design and Development of Business Process Framework
    • Understand Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM)
    • Understand Neutral Reference Points: internal process reengineering needs, partnerships, alliances, and general Business Process Framework Information Model
    • Explore Shared Information and Data Model (SID)
    • Explore SID business-oriented perspective of the information and data
    • Explore Enterprise Architecture modeling using the eTOM and SID
    • Understand Integrating the eTOM and SID
    • Explore eTOM and SID in real world projects UML Class Models
    • Understand NGOSS TAM Business Application model to characterize the organizational application capability needs
    • Understand NGOSS Architecture Guidelines
    • Understand Technology Neutral Architecture (TNA) and Contract Interface
    • Understand NGOSS Conformance Criteria
    • Explore MILDAINTRAININGS NGOSS-styled SOA methodology using SOA Service Contracts”



      Learning Objectives:

      • TM Forum and Frameworx overview
      • Core elements
      • Methodology and lifecycle

      Learning Objectives:

      • eTOM – Enhanced Telecoms Operations Map
      • Business Process Modeling
      • Hierarchical catalog of the key business processes
      • Tools to run a service-focused business
      • Strategy, Infrastructure and Product (SIP)
      • Operations
      • Enterprise Management
      • Input to Enterprise Data Model
      • Functional Architecture Framework
      • IT Architecture Framework
      • System Maps and Local Architecture
      • SID (Shared Information and Data) Framework
      • Telecom Operation Map (TAM)
      • Integration Framework (TNA)
      • Enterprise Architecture using the eTOM and SID

      Learning Objectives:

      • Business processes
      • Business process flows
      • Business application contracts
      • Shared data and information
      • Reference code and interfaces
      • NGOSS: Lifecycle
      • NGOSS: Views – Goals, Policy, Process & Information
      • NGOSS: Management & Framework Services
      • NGOSS: Security & Compliancy
      • NGOSS: Case Study

      Learning Objectives:

      • TM Forum and Frameworx overview
      • Core elements
      • Methodology and lifecycle
      • Frameworx and key components
      • Business Process Framework (eTOM),
      • Information Framework (SID)
      • Integration Framework (TM Forum Interfaces and Business Services)
      • Applications Framework (TAM)

      Learning Objectives:

      • eTOM Business Process Framework
      • eTOM in NGOSS
      • Case Study: Modeling an End-to-end Flow
      • Using eTOM for Business-to-Business Interaction
      • Linking eTOM and SID
      • eTOM in EU Collaborative
      • eTOM in a Merged Business

      Learning Objectives:

      • Benefits of SID and NGOSS
      • SID Concepts and Key Definitions
      • SID as a Framework of Frameworks
      • SID Objectives
      • Views of the SID
      • A business view
      • A systems view
      • The SID as an information model Independent of platform, language and protocol
      • Multiple data models
      • Entities
      • Associations
      • Attribues
      • Business views and behaviors
      • SID Framework
      • SID domains and Aggregate Business Entities (ABE)
      • Root Business Entities
      • Business Interaction & Agreement
      • Customer
      • SID and eTOM
      • Using the SID Rational Rose models
      • Using and Extending the SID
      • SID Business View

      Learning Objectives:

      • Domain-Specific Addenda
      • Common Business Entities
      • Addendum
      • Customer
      • Product
      • Service
      • Resource

      Learning Objectives:

      • Product
      • Market/Sales
      • Enterprise
      • Strategic Product
      • Portfolio Plan
      • Product Specification
      • Applied Customer Billing
      • Rate
      • Supplier/Partner Performance
      • Market Strategy and Plan
      • Product Usage Statistic
      • Supplier/Partner Payment
      • Market Segment
      • Product Performance
      • Resource Specification
      • Supplier/Partner Bill Inquiry

      Learning Objectives:

      • SID Concepts and Principles
      • Party
      • Location (Place)
      • Interaction
      • Agreement
      • Calendar
      • Project
      • Policy
      • Customer
      • Customer Order
      • Product, Service, Resource
      • Product Offering
      • Product
      • Service
      • Resource

      Learning Objectives:

      • Business and operations applications
      • TAM used with the solution framework

      Learning Objectives:

      • Improve business efficiency across your organization
      • Building the elements of business process transformation
      • Tools to create agile digital business
      • Guidance for implementing the Business Process Framework within your organization
      • Initiating a Business process transformation project
      • Use the Business Process Framework
      • Tools to implement Business Process Framework
      • Mechanisms and process to maximize business efficiency and customer experience
      • Implementing Enterprise Architecture and Management Framework
      • Target Architecture Roadmaps
      • Network and Service Management Requirements
      • Using The Business Process Framework (eTOM) as a critical component of Frameworx
      • Blueprint for enabling successful business transformation
      • Use eTOM and SID Models
      • Architect and create links between eTOM and SID
      • Using TAM andTNA
      • SOA Roadmaps
      • eTOM/ITIL Mapping
      • Creating your Business Process Framework structure
      • Business Process Framework Applied to Business Process transformation
      • Business Process Framework Conformance
      • Tools for Implementing the Business Process Framework
      • Using Process Automation Tools

      Learning Objectives:

      • Process Framework Primer
      • L1 Processes
      • L2 Process Decomposition
      • L3 Process Decomposition
      • L4 Process Decomposition
      • Core Frameworks Concepts and Principles
      • End-to-End Business Flows
      • Process Flow Examples
      • Guide to Applying the Business Process Framework
      • Construction Guidelines for Process Flows
      • Leveraging Level 4 Process Elements and Process Flows for Support of ITIL


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