“SpecFlow Course” | Official course with the creator of SpecFlow on implementing Behavior Driven Development on the .NET platform. This course is also available as an in-house private course. For private courses, the training material can be customized to get more focused learning addressing the exact needs of your team. Private courses can also be combined with follow-up coaching and consulting options. Enroll & Get Certified now!

  • ✔ Course Duration : 3 Days / 24 Hrs
  • ✔ Training Options : Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
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The three-day SpecFlow course shows how to write and maintain executable specification using the Gherkin feature file format, how to drive the implementation of the application and how to design and implement a test automation layer that is easy to maintain even for a larger number of tests. The attendees shall rely on a lot of exercises and discussions, through which they can learn about all important features of SpecFlow.

What you will Learn

  • work with Behavior Driven Development using SpecFlow
  • understand requirements more easily through rules and examples
  • write and maintain executable specification using the Gherkin feature file format
  • drive the implementation of the application by Gherkin scenarios
  • design and implement a test automation layer that is easy to maintain even for a larger number of tests
  • automate application through the domain layer
  • automate web applications or applications with external dependencies
  • become a strong member of a BDD team
  • use all important features of SpecFlow
  • integrate these into the existing development process


The course is for developers and testers, who are involved in automating Gherkin scenarios. Product owners or business analysts who are in any relationship with coding are also welcome.


Learning Objectives:
  • Quick intro/refresh on Behavior Driven Development
  • Specification by Example – The role of examples in the specification: Discovering rules and examples using structured conversations and Example Mapping
  • Given/When/Then through examples – Good and bad scenario writing patterns: Checklist for good scenarios; The Gherkin syntax
  • Essential data – Including data in the scenarios: Tracing details; Background and baseline data; Data personas
  • Ubiquitous Language – A language that everyone understands: Focusing on the domain language; Separation of the problem domain and solution domain; Domain model vs. scenarios
  • Scenarios vs. Tests – The difference between illustration and coverage: Data-driven scenarios (Scenario Outline); Separation of illustrative and test examples; Mapping scenarios to the testing pyramid
  • Structuring Scenarios – Finding the right structure for our living documentation: Story vs. Feature; Structuring goals and options; Traceability
    Target audience: Product Owners, Business Analysts, Testers, Developers … – anyone involved in specification/requirement workshops that yield formalized Gherkin specifications. No development knowledge or laptops required.
Learning Objectives:
  • Introduction to SpecFlow: Setting up SpecFlow; SpecFlow automation concept; Naming conventions
  • Introduction to the scenario automation workflow: Test-first thinking; Outside-in development
  • Working with DataTables: Working with the Table object; Table assertions; Table assertion helpers (SpecFlow Assist)
  • Sharing state (data) between steps: Different state sharing options; Global nature of step definitions; SpecFlow activation model; Context Injection
  • Organizing step definitions: Finding the right structure for the binding code
  • Automating external interfaces – Introducing UI automation: Domain layer vs UI automation; Building up automation infrastructure with SpecFlow; UI automation with Selenium WebDriver
  • Accessing state through an external interface: Challenges of assertions through UI automation Note: The modules include UI automation exercises with Web UI automation using Selenium WebDriver. This is used to demonstrate general UI automation challenges and solutions with SpecFlow. The UI automation topics can be excluded or replaced by other UI automation technology (e.g. Windows desktop UI automation with White) on request. Target audience: Developers, Testers who are involved in automating Gherkin scenarios. Attendees should feel comfortable in using Visual Studio and reading code. Testers will pair with Developers to learn work on basic automation of scenarios.
Learning Objectives:
  • Managing data in the scenarios: Pushing down data to the automation layer; Tracing data during execution; Composite Given steps; Field and workflow-level defaults
  • Managing baseline data: Using the Background section; Hooks; Scoping hooks with tags; Working with database-dependent scenarios
  • Extract data representation: Default Data Conversions; Custom Conversions; Step parameter practices; Scenario Outlines
  • Improve feedback from scenario execution: Executing scenarios on CI builds; Improving assertion messages; Assertions in Given steps; Collect diagnostic data (e.g. screenshots) during execution; Accessing the file system from the scenarios
  • Structuring the automation layer: Separation of automation and testing concerns; Layering the automation infrastructure; The Driver pattern; The Page Object Pattern; Nested page objects; Automating UI concepts; Assertions in the automation layer Testing asynchronous behavior: Flickering scenarios; Implicit and explicit waits; Active/busy waiting
  • Multiple automation layers: Testing the same scenario on different layers; Sharing common steps across projects; Injecting testing and production dependencies to the step definition classes Target audience: Developers, Testers with a strong development background. Attendees should feel
    comfortable writing code in Visual Studio and have a basic understanding of UI technologies.


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