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Workfusion Training at Mildaintrainings,  Workfusion is one of the markets leading Robotic Process Automation Tool (RPA) which provides to the business & companies more activity in the workspace.

Today most of the industries are using WorkFusion tool, Workfusion provides very high-quality data that could be used to consequential marketing intelligence & business intelligence to identify the user behavior analytics & pattern which helps companies to target their customer as well as key areas to gain profits.

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WorkFusion Training

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)is next big Career in a field of Information Technology (IT). There is hardly any Company which is not talking about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA will help for incorporating artificial intelligence for advanced decision making. So Resultant it is widely accepted by all business like Aviation, Banking, IT, FMCG and many more business houses.                           

 First, understand how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) impacting everyone/company in day to day,  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) A software robot is a software application which replicates the action of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system. The software robot operates on the user interface (UI) in the same way that a human would capture & decode existing applications for processing transitions, manipulate, data, trigger responses & communicate with other available digital systems.

Career in Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

There is huge demand of Robotic Process Automation or RPA because in coming days every company wants to do their task to complete as early as possible & cost efficient & very fast with the help of artificial intelligence. Workfusion is the complete Automation solution for global operations it is also the new way to fill data gaps and manage seasonal spikes.

There will be a huge job opportunity in coming days in Workfusion as most of the CEO says the AI market will grow over $47 billion by 2020 as comparison $10 billion in 2017-18.

Workfusion Certification Training Course:

Workfusion Training at Mildaintrainings, Workfusion is one of the markets leading Robotic Process Automation Tool (RPA) which provides to the business & companies more activity in the workspace.

Today most of the industries are using Work Fusion tool, Workfusion provides very high-quality data that could be used to consequential marketing intelligence & business intelligence to identify the user behavior analytics & pattern which helps companies to target their customer as well as key areas to gain profits.

The Workfusion training course comprised of thirty (30) hours Hands-on Training with focus on all topics practically, for more detail you can see the Training course content.


For Workfusion Training at Mildaintrainings, there is no mandatory requirements to learn any Robotic Process Automation like (RPA) as Workfusion, Automation Anywhere UI path etc. however having programming knowledge like ‘’C# &.NET or other programs like Java it will be having an extra edge. 



Introduction To Automation

Learning Objects: In this module, one will learn all about Automation Technique in WorkFusion.


  • Automation Implementation,
  • Automation market,
  • Automation economics,
  • Automation challenges with Practical


Overview of business Automation:


Learning Objects: What is Automation Defining and how to identify the changes that allow automation, How to describe, compare and contrast level, How to process level automation, How to define business automation.

Topics: Topics will include how to learn to define Automation, Identify the changes in technology that allowed Automation, Describe, compare, & contrast task level and process level Automation, Define business Automation, Describe, compare, and contrast front office and back-office automation.

Practical to be coveredThere will is Hands on defining automation by identifying the in technology that allows automation, Perform process level automation by describing, comparing & contrast at a task level, Define business.

WorkFusion Interface:


Learning Objects:  WorkFusion Interface, How to Implement Simple Manual Task, how to perform Operations with Tasks & Business Processes, How to extract information by manual task implementation, How to process Simple Business Implementation, How to process Business Process with Machine Steps Implementation.

Topics: Topics will be included WorkFusion Interface Overview, Simple Manual Task Implementation, Operations with Tasks and Business Processes, Information Extraction Manual Task Implementation, Simple Business Process Implementation, Business Process with Machine Steps Implementation, Scheduling, Use Optical Character Recognition(OCR ) in Business Process and its Implementation, Business Process with RPA step.


Bot Task & Machine Use:

Learning Objects: What is bot task, How to create machine use case, How to add a machine task to BP, How to add machine task to business process, What is bot task IDE, Learn how to work in WorkFusion studio, How to Web-Harvest code structure for Bot components, What are Http/ Mail Bot components, What are file bot components.

Practical : Hands-on Bot task basic flow by creating machine use-case, Perform a machine level task to BP,  Add Machine Task to Business Process, &Work on WorkFusion Studio with  Web-Harvest code structure for Bot components & Http/ Mail Bot components, Hands on File Bot components, Work on Database/ Storage Bot components, Hands-on Web scraping, Send Mail with Practicals.

Topics: Topics will include Bot Task Basics, Creating Machine Use Case, Adding a Machine task to BP, Adding Machine Task to Business Process, Bot Task IDE: WorkFusion Studio, Web-Harvest code structure for Bot components, and Http/ Mail Bot components.


Scripting & XML RPA Architecture:

Practicals will be Covered: Perform Groovy Scripting in Bot tasks & S3, Work on Parse XML responses, Setup the atmosphere for RPA developer, Know about RPA Architecture, Work on Web Applications RPA, Hands on HTML table data scraping & Recorder utility, Work on Actions & features available in RPA express, Deep activity on Understanding of Control Tower, Bot Manager, Security & user Control, Dashboard functions, Sandbox testing, Quiz Activity.

Learning Objects: In this topic you will learn What is Groovy Scripting in Bot tasks & S3, what is Parse XML responses, How to environment setup for RPA developer, What is RPA Architecture, What is Web Applications RPA, How HTML table data scraping is done, What is Recorder utility, what are the Actions & features available in RPA express and How to work on Control Tower, What is Bot Manager

Topics: The topics will be cover Groovy Scripting in Bot tasks, S3, Parse XML responses, RPA developer environment setup, RPA Architecture, Web Applications RPA, HTML table data scraping, Recorder utility, Actions & features available in RPA express, Understanding of Control Tower, Bot Manager, Security and user Control, Dashboard functions, Sandbox testing, Quiz Activity.

Additional Features: Import &Export, Process Grouping, Choice Stage, Logging, System Manager, & Release Manager- Packages & release.




Why should I take coaching from Mildaintrainings?

One must take WorkFusion training from Mildaintrainings because our trainers are having more than 10 years of industry practical training experience & also we at Mildaintrainings providing six (6) months technical support and try to solve all the quarries.


Why WorkFusion?

WorkFusion is one of the most important tools of Robotic Process Automation & it is cost effective and minimized errors.

Who will provide the certificate?

At Mildaintrainings you will be provided participation certificate after completion of WorkFusion Training course, assistance for certification

When the classes be held?

Classes will hold in weekend & weekdays accordingly.

What if I miss the class?

If one misses the class, in that case, you can take classes by attending next live session. You can also request for recorded videos

Who can do WorkFusion course?

Anyone can do WorkFusion course/training just basic knowledge of computer and even you do not have coding knowledge even in that case you are eligible to take coaching of WorkFusion.

What is the course duration?

WorKFusion course at Mildaintrainings will be for 32-40 Hrs/4 Days.

What are the objectives of WorkFusion course?

Mildaintraining is one of the best training company which provides the WorkFusion classes through our industry experience Instructor. Our WorkFusion course material is prepared by our industry expert having 10+ years of practical experience which will be very easy for everyone.


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