Billing and Revenue Management Pipeline Pricing and Rating 7.5 Training

Pipeline Pricing and Rating is designed for those responsible for the creation and maintenance of batch price plans using BRM Pricing Center and covers:

  • The BRM batch pricing model and rating concepts
  • How to build price plans using the BRM Pricing Center
  • How to test price plans prior to implementation

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billing and revenue management pipeline pricing and rating 7.5 training

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Oracle Billing  and  Revenue Management

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This course is designed for Pricing Developers who need to use Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management to implement batch pricing and rating solutions. In the Pipeline Pricing and Rating class, the students will learn how to build rate plans and test configured rate plans by rating batch EDR files. Implementation of rate plans for roaming charges is also covered. During the hands-on lab, students will learn to implement different types of rating scenarios.


Suggested Prerequisite

  • Familiarity with simple UNIX/Linux commands is useful
  • Business Analysts
  • Developer
  • Technical Consultant
Course Objectives
  • Translate price plans to the BRM Pricing Model
  • Test price plans by rating batch EDR files
  • Set up a discount model to provide discount
  • Implement a rate plan for roaming scenario
  • Introduce high-performance batch rating concepts
Course Topics

Implementing Pipeline Rating

  • Discuss the two methods of rating
  • Describe Pipeline Manager architecture and components
  • Review the BRM Pricing Model components and their attributes
  • Explain Promotions and Secondary Services
  • Give an overview of how to configure Delayed Events

Creating a Rate Plan for Delayed Events

  • Define and map event attributes
  • Set up a Time Model
  • Set up a Zone Model
  • Set up Impact Categories
  • Set up a Price Model
  • Set up a Rate Plan

Processing and Tracking Delayed Events

  • Use Pipeline Manager to process and rate EDRs
  • Use EdrDump to track EDR processing and to verify rating results

Setting Up a Discount Model

  • Explain the discounting architecture and features
  • Set up a Discount Model

Loading Rated Events into BRM

  • Explain how REL loads rated events into the database

Implementing a Roaming Scenario

  • Explain how BRM implements Roaming

Billing and Revenue Management Pipeline Pricing and Rating 7.5 Training

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