Billing and Revenue Management Billing and Finance 7.5

Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Billing and Finance is designed for those responsible for using the BRM tools and applications available for billing support and revenue analysis. This course covers the BRM billing model and configuration options, use of BRM client tools to manage the billing and revenue management aspects of customer accounts, and BRM reports.


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billing and revenue management billing and finance 7.5 training

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Oracle Billing  and  Revenue Management

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Billing and Revenue Management Billing and Finance 7.5 Training

Learn To

This course is designed for those in a billing support or revenue assurance role. It teaches you how to use the Billing and Revenue Management tools and applications to support billing and revenue analysis. The Billing and Finance class provides students with information about the tools and applications available for billing support and revenue analysis. Students perform simple custom configurations to demonstrate how the system easily adapts to varying business policies. Students test these scenarios during hands-on labs. The Billing and Finance class gives students a clearer understanding of the product role in areas such as billing, billing configuration options, tools available to manage financial aspects of customer accounts, payments and guiding payments, collections, and general ledger.

Learn To:

  • Understand the BRM billing concepts and configuration options
  • Use BRM client tools to manage the billing and revenue management aspects of customer accounts
  • Manage account receivables, payments, and collections
  • Use BRM reports
  • Functional Implementer
  • Business Analysts
Course Objectives
  • Describe the billing process
  • Process accounts using BRM bill run management
  • Use trial billing to bill accounts
  • View trial invoices in BRM Invoice Viewer
  • Configure BRM for delayed billing
  • Describe the bill suppression process
  • Explain the trigger billing process
  • Process an account that contains a rollover event
  • Describe the BRM taxation process
  • Explain the corrective billing and invoicing process
Course Topics

Billing Process Overview

  • List accounting cycle and billing cycle activities
  • Describe BRM billing scripts
  • Describe concepts of billing
  • Describe bill item objects

Bill Cycle Management

  • Describe bill run management and the billing process
  • Describe the concept of customer segments
  • Explain what is bill cycle management

Trial Billing

  • View invoices using BRM Invoice Viewer
  • Discuss the functionality of trial billing and trial invoice
  • Describe the process of running trial billing

Billing Options and Process

  • List the benefits of Bill Now
  • Explain the concept of trigger billing
  • Explain what is concurrent billing
  • Explain the billing process and the effects of rerating
  • Explain what is in-advance billing
  • Explain the invoicing process
  • Explain bill suppression
  • Explain the delayed billing process

A/R Account Activities

  • List the different options associated with adjustments
  • Describe BRM general ledger (G/L)
  • Explain the dispute and settlement process
  • Review BRM tax procedures
  • Set up and generate corrective bills and invoices
  • Define bulk adjustments

BRM Payment Process

  • Describe how payments enter and exit payment suspense
  • Describe payment incentives
  • Explain the concept of payment fees
  • Explain the BRM payment process

BRM Collections

  • Explain the roles of collections managers and agents
  • Determine how to use Collections Center
  • Configure a collections scenario
  • Describe how BRM collections process bill units
  • Explain the concept of collections

Making Corrections

  • Discuss the methods of refunding customers
  • Explain the rerating process
  • Describe the payment reversal process
  • Review the process of resolving failed BRM initiated payment transactions

Revenue Analysis

  • Describe the concept of suspense management
  • Describe the functionality of Revenue Assurance Center
  • Explain how audit data is collected during billing and pipeline rating
  • Use Suspense Management Center
  • Explain the concept of revenue assurance


  • Describe BRM reports
  • Review the process of running reports
  • Describe what are sub-reports
  • List the different report packages

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