Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification |green belt training | Mildaintrainings lean six sigma green belt certification will give you a through understanding of green belt training and its focus on eliminating defects through process improvement and variation reduction. This lean six sigma green belt certification builds upon and adds to the topics covered in the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course. The lean six sigma green belt certification content efficiently covers all the recognized lean six sigma green belt certification topics in a comprehensive manner and helps you ace the lean six sigma green belt certification Exam at your first attempt. Enroll & Get Certified now!

  • ✔ Course Duration : 6 days / 48 hrs
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Mildaintrainings lean six sigma green belt certification will give you a thorough understanding of Six Sigma and its focus on eliminating defects through process improvement and variation reduction. This lean six sigma green belt certification builds upon and adds to the topics covered in the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course. The green belt training course content efficiently covers all the recognized green belt training course topics in a comprehensive manner and helps you ace the lean six sigma green belt certification Exam at your first attempt.

In most of the cases green belt training is a method to measure process quality with the end goal of near-total perfection. The main goal of using green belt training is to improve the product by removing errors in the production process in any sphere where it’s applicable. It is mostly a data-driven approach that relies on management strategies for improving process flow & end results. The philosophy is simple to work smarter rather than work hard. Decisions are based on data, process capability is improved, mistakes are reduced if not eliminated and sigma rating goes up. This is achieved by creating select groups of trained & certified professionals within any given organization that would adopt control and improve the green belt training methodology so if you want to be expert in green belt training from Mildaintrainings it will be very helpful for you as all the trainers from Mildaintrainings are having 10 plus years of experience in lean six sigma green belt certification.

Each unique project within a given organization that would utilize the green belt training concept is going to have a very rigid set or rules for costs involved & expected end results. The term green belt training comes from manufacturing jargon & without going into specifics and technical details you should just remember that it refers to a process that has only 3.4 defects in a million output units be it physical products or other tasks that can be measured in units. Sigma Yellow belt, Sigma, green belt and Sigma black belt are the main parts of green belt training.

What you will Learn

  • The overarching learning objective of Six Sigma certification green Belt trainings to develop a comprehensive set of skills that will allow you to function effectively as a Six Sigma Green Belt. The Green Belt body of knowledge includes techniques for both quantitative and non-quantitative analysis, as well as the team leadership skills necessary to get projects across the goal line.
  • Understand Customer requirements and provide process improvement techniques as defined in Six Sigma.
  • Acquire the concepts of Six Sigma tools with functions like Fishbone, Pareto Concepts, Statistical tools etc.
  • Be able to perform data driven analysis using statistical functions.
  • Provide measures to define the capability of any kind of process.


There are no prerequisites requires for taking six sigma Green belt course.

It is only recommended that six sigma green belt training should obtained through a very qualified institution such as Mildaintrainings & who wish to sit for the exam have some degree of a real-world six sigma and should have some work experience and project application experience as well.
The Exam: The IASSC Six Sigma certification Green Belt™ Exam is a 3 hours 100 question, closed book, proctored exam. The Exam contains approximately 20 multiple-choice questions from each major section of the ILSSBOK for Green Belts. Six sigma Certification green belt fee is not included in the course fee. For passing the six sigma certification green belt exam you require 385 points out of 500 points. The questions are based on the Green Belt Body of Knowledge which can be downloaded from this link: IASSC Universally Accepted Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Green Belts.


Learning Objectives:
  • Meanings of Six Sigma
  • General History of Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement
  • Deliverables of a Lean Six Sigma Project
  • The Problem-Solving Strategy Y = f(x)
  • Voice of the Customer, Business and Employee
  • Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities


Learning Objectives:


  • Defining a Process
  • Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQ’s)
  • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
  • Pareto Analysis (80:20 rule)
  • Basic Six Sigma Metrics: including DPU, DPMO, FTY, RTY Cycle Time, deriving these metrics


Learning Objectives:


  • Building a Business Case & Project Charter.
  • Developing Project Metrics
  • Financial Evaluation & Benefits Capture


Learning Objectives:


  • Understanding Lean
  • The History of Lean
  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • The Seven Elements of Waste: a. Overproduction, Correction, Inventory, Motion, Over processing, Conveyance, Waiting
  • 5S: Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Self-Discipline, Sort


Learning Objectives:


  • Cause & Effect / Fishbone Diagrams
  • Process Mapping, SIPOC, Value Stream Map
  • X-Y Diagram
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)


Learning Objectives:
  • Basic Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Normal Distributions & Normality
  • Graphical Analysis


Learning Objectives:
  • Precision & Accuracy
  • Bias, Linearity & Stability
  • Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility
  • Variable & Attribute MSA


Learning Objectives:
  • Capability Analysis
  • Concept of Stability
  • Attribute & Discrete Capability
  • Monitoring Techniques


Learning Objectives:
  • Multi-Vari Analysis
  • Classes of Distributions


Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding Inference
  • Sampling Techniques & Uses
  • Sampling Techniques & Uses


Learning Objectives:
  • General Concepts & Goals of Hypothesis Testing
  • Significance; Practical vs. Statistical
  • Risk; Alpha & Beta
  • Types of Hypothesis Test


Learning Objectives:
  • 1 & 2 sample t-tests
  • 1 sample variance
  • One Way ANOVA: a. Including Tests of Equal Variance, Normality Testing and Sample Size calculation, performing tests and interpreting results.


Learning Objectives:
  • Mann-Whitney
  • Kruskal-Wallis
  • Mood’s Median
  • Friedman
  • 1 Sample Sign
  • 1 Sample Wilcoxon
  • One and Two Sample Proportion
  • Chi-Squared (Contingency Tables): a. Including Tests of Equal Variance, Normality Testing and Sample Size calculation, performing tests and interpreting results


Learning Objectives:
  • Correlation
  • Regression Equations
  • Residuals Analysis


Learning Objectives:
  • Non- Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Confidence & Prediction Intervals
  • Residuals Analysis
  • Data Transformation, Box Cox


Learning Objectives:
  • 2k Full Factorial Designs
  • Linear & Quadratic Mathematical Models
  • Balanced & Orthogonal Designs
  • Fit, Diagnose Model and Center Points


Learning Objectives:
  • Methods of Sampling
  • Confounding Effects
  • Experimental Resolution


Learning Objectives:
  • Control Methods for 5S
  • Kanban
  • Poka-Yoke (Mistake Proofing)


Learning Objectives:
  • Attribute Gage R&R
  • Data Collection for SPC
  • I-MR Chart
  • Xbar-R Chart
  • U Chart
  • P Chart
  • NP Chart
  • X-S chart
  • Cum Sum Chart
  • EWMA Chart
  • Control Chart Anatomy
  • Subgroups, Impact of Variation, Frequency of Sampling
  • Center Line & Control Limit Calculations


Learning Objectives:
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Elements of the Control Plan
  • Elements of the Response Plan



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