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JIRA Admin Training

The course’s goal is to make you an expert in Scrum ways with the practical application of Agile methodologies through hands-on projects on JIRA(Basic and Core).

  • 100+ Professionals Trained on Jira
  • 5+ Corporates Trained on Jira across the Globe
  • Certified and Experienced Trainers
  • Instructor-Led Online & Corporate Jira Training
  • Complete Hands-On Training with Practical Exercises
  • Access to Jira Self-Paced Recorded Sessions to Revise and Recap

4 Days/ 32hrs

For Corporate/Online Training



JIRA Administration Training

The JIRA Administrators training course covers the tasks and best practices that every JIRA administrator should know when setting up and maintaining their JIRA instance. Attendees from this session will become proficient with user management techniques, project roles, time tracking, mail servers, daily maintenance, security, plugins and upgrading JIRA. 


This course assumes either prior participation in the JIRA Fundamentals training course, the JIRA FundamentalseLearning or extensive experience as an end-user of JIRA.

Objectives :

After attending this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Configure system settings
  • Set up users and groups
  • Configure global permissions
  • Create and configure projects
  • Create issue types
  • Update workflows
  • Edit fields and screens
  • Configure project permissions and roles
  • Share project configurations




JIRA Software Concepts

Detailed explanation of JIRA tutorial Basic concepts with examples – Issue, project and workflow
Working with an issue:

  • Attaching a File
  • Attaching a Screenshot
  • Cloning an Issue
  • Commenting on an Issue
  • Creating an Issue
  • Creating a Sub-Task
  • Editing an Issue
  • Editing Rich-Text Fields
  • Emailing an Issue
  • Labeling an Issue
  • Linking Issues
  • Logging Work on an Issue
  • Modifying Multiple (‘Bulk’) Issues
  • Moving an Issue
  • Scheduling an Issue
  • Setting Security on an Issue
  • Viewing an Issue’s Change History
  •  Watching and Voting on an Issue

Issue creation Best Practices
Importing issues into JIRA from Excel
Customize – Dashboards and user profile
Generating Reports
Issue Navigator
Understanding “Projects” and working with them

  • Basic and advanced search features
  • Search result usage –export to various formats and creation of charts
  • Saved Search
JIRA for Agile – SCRUM and KANBAN

A detailed explanation of JIRA agile methodology

  • How to set up and Agile Project
  • How to create Agile Storie (Epics)/issues
  • How to create backlogs
  • How to prioritize and create sprints
  • Sprint Planning
  • How to monitor the sprint through scrum boards
  • A real time example of a scrum board and comparative analysis of JIRA scrum board to a physical one
  • Kanban boards
  • Customizing the agile workspace
  • Agile reports
JIRA administration training (Cloud) – An introduction

JIRA download, installation and licensing
Migration to JIRA from Excel sheets/.CSV files
JIRA Project Management

  • Defining a Project
  • Managing Project Role Membership
  • Defining a Component
  • Managing Versions

JIRA User Management

  • Managing Users
  • Managing Groups
  • Managing Project Roles
  • Migrating User Groups to Project Roles

Configuring work flows

Setting accesses and permissions

Setting email and other notifications

  • JIRA Workflow Administration
  • Basic workflow concepts
  • Example workflows in real life
  • JIRA default workflow
  • Issue resolution
  • Capturing and presenting your Data
  • Custom fields
  • Mandatory fields
  • Common workflow configuration mistakes
  • Configuring workflows
  • Transitions, conditions and post functions
  • Step by step workflow configuration example
JIRA augmentation with Zephyr for test management
  • Add-on installation and configuration
  • Creating ‘Test’ issues
  • Linking Test cases to requirements
  • Creating, managing and running test cycles and sets
  • Defect reporting
  • Establishing traceability
  • Test reports from JIRA
JIRA plug-in for Test Management – qTest Integration (One example for plug-ins)
  • Add-on installation and configuration
  • Requirement retrieval
  • Adding Test cases and linking them to JIRA requirements
  • Create Test cycles and test run
  • Defect Management
  • qTest Add-on JIRA Widget
Jira Confluence
  •  Introduction to Confluence
  • Installing Confluence
  • Evaluation options for Confluence
  • Supported platforms 
  • Installing Confluence on Windows 
  • Activating Confluence trial license
  • Finalising Confluence Installation 
  • Creating content in Confluence
  • Creating a Space 
  • Create content in Space 
  • Add heading and text in pages 
  • Editing page content – Part 1 
  • Editing page content – Part 2 
  • Customizing page layout 
  • Add images in pages 
  • Adding links in pages 
  • How to add Video 
  • More macros in Confluence 
  • Gliffy: Installation and basic usage
  • How to install Gliffy in Confluence 
  • Basic usage of Gliffy 
  • Confluence Administration
  • Add/Edit/Delete new users 
  • Adding group and setting permissions
  • Managing user permissions 
  • Managing add-ons or plugins 
  • Customizing confluence site 
  • Sharing and collaboration in Confluence
  • Watching page content 
  • Adding comments to pages 
  • Sharing page content 
  • Enabling restrictions on page 
  • Conclusion and Wrapping up 

Modes of Training


Why should I take coaching from Mildaintrainings?

One must take JIRA Training from Mildaintrainings because our trainers are having more than 10+ years of industry practical training experience & also we at Mildaintrainings providing six (6) months technical support and try to solve all the queries.

Who will provide the certificate?

At Mildaintrainings you will be provided participation certificate after completion of JIRA course from Mildaintrainings.

When the classes be held?

Classes will hold in weekend & weekdays accordingly.

What if I miss the class?

If one misses the class in that case you can take backup classes by adjusting in next live session.

What is the course duration?

JIRA training course at Mildaintrainings will be 32 hrs. / 4 days (8hrs per day)

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