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“Internet of Things Training” | IoT Security Training covers The Internet of Things security and discusses IoT protocols, potential risks, vulnerabilities, exploitation, data breaches, security framework and mitigation.

IoT refers to a networked computing environment that enables devices able to monitor, record and report data, as well as allows users to interact with devices, perform actions remotely or use a stream of useful information when performing tasks. Learn about risks of unsecured enterprise and home IoT devices connecting to the Internet and able to share the information they generate.

3 Days / 24 Hrs | For Classroom & Online Training

Course Fee: 25000/- + Taxes

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IoT security training, Internet of Things (IoT) devices Include: manufacturers, retailers in consumer electronics, healthcare, factory supply chain warehouses, transportation facilities and many others. Topics include device and platform vulnerabilities, authentication and authorization, Web interface and software, transport encryption, management issues, privacy and security enhancements and other IoT issues observed for various manufacturers across all industry sectors. Learn about:

  • IoT Principles: The Internet of Things Overview.
  • Principles for Connected Devices.
  • IoT Design Principles
  • Principles of IoT Security
  • IoT Attack Areas
  • IoT Vulnerabilities
  • IoT Firmware Analysis
  • IoT Software Weaknesses
  • IoT Security Verification, Validation and Testing
  • IoT Security Assessment on IoT devices
  • Assessing IoT devices attack surfaces
  • Evaluation of IoT device firmware analysis, attack surface, vulnerabilities and exploiting the vulnerabilities


Overview and analysis of IoT devices and IoT implementation use cases
IoT Architecture
IoT Architectural and Design Requirements
IoT Security Fundamentals
IoT Security Standards
NIST Framework: Cyber Physical Systems
IoT Governance and Risk Management
IoT Security Compliance and Audit
IoT Encryption and Key Management
IoT Identity and Access Management IoT Security Challenges
IoT Security in Critical Infrastructure
IoT Security in Personal infrastructure
IoT Vulnerabilities
Wireless Security applied to IoT
ZigBee and Bluetooth Security
LTE and Mobile Security
Cloud-based web interface security
Cloud interfaces for XSS, SQLi and CSRF vulnerabilities IoT Data Security
IoT Platform, Device and Infrastructure Security
IoT Management and Operations Security
IoT Security Legal and Compliance
TONEX IoT Security Framework
Threats to IoT Devices and Implementations
Known IoT Cyber Security Threats
IoT Security Controls
IoT Implementations Security best practices
Gaps in IoT Security and technical solutions
Procedures and methods for securing the IoT
Best practices in securing cloud infrastructure and services supporting the IoT devices and environments
IoT Security auditing, identity and access management
IoT Authentication, encryption, access control, privacy, data integrity and risk management
IoT Devices Firmware Analysis
IoT Attack and Phishing Simulation


How to get IoT Certification?

After completing the IoT online training, students receive the IoT training certificate from Mildaintrainings.


FAQ| IOT Training


Why should one undergo IoT training?
Here are the statistics:

  • By 2020, 20.6 billion devices will be connected via the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The global IoT market is expected to grow from $655.8 billion to $1.7 trillion in 2020
  • An average salary of IoT Developer is $150k – Glassdoor.com

This shows that IoT is the technology of the decade and those involved with it will have great careers. This course will help you enter into the IoT landscape and earn lucrative salaries.


What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

Participants are expected to have knowledge of Python programming and Linux Fundamentals.

Is the course available in the online/virtual format?

Yes, KnowledgeHut does offer virtual training for this course. Call us for more information on the same

Who issues the course completion certificate?

On successful completion of the course you will receive a course completion certificate issued by Mildaintrainings.

How many credits will I be eligible for?

You will receive 1 credit per hour of learning which totals to 40 credits for the entire workshop.

Who are the instructors?

Your instructors are IoT experts who have years of industry experience.

What if I have more queries?

Just give us a call at +91-8447121833 or write to us @ [email protected]


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