Guidewire ClaimCenter Training India at Mildain Training, Guidewire ClaimCenter is a claims management system that supports all lines of personal, commercial, & workers compensation insurance. ClaimCenter enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management.

An end-to-end claims management solution, including loss-report intake, adjudication processes, and operational reporting

3 Days / 20 Hrs

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Guidewire ClaimCenter Training Course:

Guidewire ClaimCenter is a claims management system that supports all lines of personal, commercial, and workers' compensation insurance. ClaimCenter enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management, including:

  • Intuitive loss-report intake
  • Advanced adjudication processes
  • Integrated operational reporting
  • Tracking of all required claims-related financial data


The Claim File
  • The ClaimCenter data model
  • The claim file
Claims Process and Intro to Intake
  • Claims processing – Business perspective
  • Claims processing – Functional perspective
  • The claim intake process
  • Automated claim setup
  • New claim validation
ClaimCenter Demo
  • Demonstration of ClaimCenter functionality
Introduction to ClaimCenter Configuration
  • ClaimCenter data model
  • ClaimCenter user interface
  • ClaimCenter rules
  • Importing data into ClaimCenter
Configuring Location Groups
  • Location group basics
  • Location group configuration
  • Page configuration
Configuring Wizards
  • Wizard basics
  • Wizard configuration
  • Wizard step configuration
Configuring Claim Setup
  • Claim setup basics
  • Pre-setup rules
  • Segmentation rules
  • Workplan rules
  • Exposure and activity setup
Configuring LOB Typelists
  • Line of business model
  • The LOB type lists
  • The LOB editor
  • LOB model configuration
Configuring LOB User Interface
  • LOB model and the user interface
  • Configuring exposure types
  • Configuring new exposure menu behavior
Configuring Validation Rules
  • Types of validation
  • Validation rule basics
  • Validation rules in the user interface
  • Warnings and errors
  • Identifying invalid fields
Configuring Permissions
  • ClaimCenter security functionality
  • Checking system permissions in Gosu
  • Creating system permissions
  • Application permission keys
Contact Roles
  • Contact roles
  • Categorizing contact
  • Contact role configuration
  • Contact role type constraints
  • Entity role constraints
ClaimContact Widgets
  • ClaimContact widget basics
  • Configuring ClaimContact widgets
Intro to Transaction Rules
  • Transaction basics
  • Transaction data model
  • Transactions and Gosu
  • The Financial Calculations Library
Configuring Transaction Validation Rules
  • Transaction and check life cycles
  • Transaction validation basics
  • Transaction validation rules
Configuring Transaction Approval Rules
  • Transaction approval basics
  • Authority limits
  • Transaction approval rules
  • Approval routing rules

FAQ| Guidewire ClaimCenter Training India


Why should I take coaching from Mildaintrainings?

One must take Guidewire ClaimCenter Training from Mildaintrainings because our trainers are having more than 10+ years of industry practical training experience & also we at Mildaintrainings providing six (6) months technical support and try to solve all the queries.

Why Guidewire ClaimCenter Training?

Guidewire ClaimCenter Training empowers property and casualty insurers to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry with more effective underwriting, agile policy and product management, and excellent customer service.

Who will provide the certificate?

 At Mildaintrainings you will be provided participation certificate after completion of Guidewire ClaimCenter course from Mildaintrainings.

When the classes be held?

 Classes will hold in weekend & weekdays accordingly.

What if I miss the class?

 If one misses the class in that case you can take backup classes by adjusting in next live session. 

What is the course duration?

Guidewire PolicyCenter training course at Mildaintrainings will be forty (32) hrs. / 4 days (8hrs per day)


What are the objectives of Guidewire ClaimCenter course?

Mildaintrainings is one of the best training company which provides the ‘’ Guidewire ClaimCenter Training’’ classes through our industry experience Instructor. Our Guidewire ClaimCenter course material is prepared by our industry expert having 10+ years of practical experience which will be very handy.


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