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Mildaintrainings React JS Course Content fully up to date with the latest release of React and provides complete hands-on experience in creating ReactJS applications from scratch. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building Web Applications. It follows component-based approach. Easy to create smaller components and build large-scale applications. The main goal is to build large-scale high-performance applications with smaller and reusable stateful components.Enroll & Get Certified now!

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React JS Training Certification in San Diego CA US

React has become one among the most popular and efficient JavaScript front end libraries over time. Developed in the labs of Facebook, React aids in curating apps with more ease, scalability and robustness. This is the reason why most organizations prefer using React and there is a huge demand for React experts and developers.
React JS at Mildaintrainings is designed to skill you into a successful Client-Side Application Developer. You’ll master the concepts of ReactJS including its Architecture and components. The course also focuses on Testing Redux, React Router, React Redux, JSX, Data Flow & Usage with React, Async Actions & Flow and React Middleware thereby making you completely ready to build ReactJS applications effectively

Need to know React JS

Most of the 500 companies depend on React JS (JavaScript) for building user interfaces or UI components on web-based applications. To achieve the React JS training in San Diego CA US opens wide job opportunities across industries.

Professionals working as front-end developers use this independent and open-source platform for developing great interfaces for users.

Facebook and a community of individual developers have developed, and maintain react js. In 2011, react was deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed and in 2012 on Instagram.

The framework is used in developing UI for single-page or mobile apps. It requires the use of added libraries for certain client-side functionality and routing. There are no close competitors available, which can deliver an excellent JavaScript library for structuring web apps.

Knowing React.js

When you want to build excellent user interfaces for single-page apps or mobile applications, then you will find none like React JS. The framework is used for managing the view layer for web and mobile apps, and to develop reusable UI components.

Candidates enrolling in the react course in San Diego CA US are able to develop large web applications efficiently in changing data, without reloading the page. This feature assists developers to find fast, simple, and scalable development solutions Furthermore, react js can be combined with other javascript libraries such as Angular JS in MVC. The main reason behind developing React is to enable easy working and development on user interfaces in the application.

Features of React.js

  • React.js is easy to learn
  • React.js is simple
  • React.js is declarative
  • React.js supports server-side
  • React.js is component-based
  • React.js is fast
  • React.js is extensive

Other Javascript in React.JS


JSX is the template used in regular JavaScript. It includes HTML quoting, HTML tag syntax, subcomponents, and applies simple JavaScript.

During the lab hands-on exercises, students are trained on taking a call on the JavaScript HTML syntax of React Framework. However, candidates for react js certification in San Diego CA US can also proceed with writing on old JavaScript.

React Native

In 2015, Facebook announced that React has its native libraries. These native libraries are estimated to have the potential to offer the react architecture to apps such as iOS, Android, and UPD.

When describing react native, it is a mobile apps building framework that is completely dependent on JavaScript. It applies a similar design as React, leasing developers use or incorporate a rich mobile UI library or declarative components.

React native applies similar fundamental UI building blocks for developing UI interfaces on regular iOS and Android apps. The efficient component of applying react-native is to permit/accept components written in Swift, Objective-C, or Java. You find the entire info in the react tutorial and projects course in San Diego CA US offered by Mildain Solutions.

React.JS to data flow

In react.js, a set of unchallengeable values are approved to the components renderer as belongings in its HTML tags. The constituent cannot straight modify any things however none can pass a call back utility with the assist of which we can do modifications. This whole process is recognized as “properties flow down; actions flow up”.

The object model of React JS

React JS develops an in-memory data construction cache, which calculates the alterations made and then brings up-to-date info to the browser. This permits a special feature that lets the programmer code.

In React JS training in San Diego CA US, it is imparted by the top-rated instructions that if the entire page is based on react library, then only renders components change.

Benefits / Advantages of React JS

With the front-end ecosphere altering regularly, it is impossible to dedicate time to learning a new framework – particularly when that framework could eventually become a departed end. So, if professionals are observing for the next good event but feeling a bit diffident, then work out on React JS.

Easy to develop

ReactJS is impartial and modest to grasp immediately. The component-based method, distinct life cycle, and custom of just plain JavaScript brand React is very simple to learn, build a specialized web and support it.

React JS applies a syntax called JSX, which permits users to combine HTML with JavaScript. This is not a condition; developers can continue with writing in plain JavaScript but JSX is much cooler to use.

Simple descriptions

Anybody with basic preceding information in programming can effortlessly comprehend React JS while Angular and Ember are referred to. To react JS, you just require basic genres of CSS and HTML. Beginners who completed the react js course in San Diego CA US will find the field loaded with interesting projects.

Local deals

React JS is applied to develop mobile applications. The feature of reusability signifies extensive code support for making native iOS, Android, and Web applications.

Binding Data

React JS applies one-way data combination and architecture. It controls the flow of data to modules through the dispatcher. It is comfortable to debug self-contained, components of large React JS apps.


React does not bid any idea of a built-in container for dependence.


React JS programs are easy to test. It is open-source and users provide a quick view of any new dimension. Views on React JS are treated as functions. It is easy to manipulate ReactJS views with triggered actions, events, functions, etc. Mildain Solutions covers entire processes in the best react course in San Diego CA US.


React JS can be learned by enrolling in a react crash course in San Diego CA US. It is an easy platform to create and develop a better user interface, on the web and app.

What you will Learn

  • Understand React basics
  • Understand React key features
  • Learn about the Data Flow and usage with React
  • Manage data by using state and props of React
  • Learn how to handle events
  • Execute React’s robust router
  • Implement Bootstrap and CSS to style a React app


  • Basics of HTML
  • Basics of CSS
  • Basics of javascript like creating functions and loops
  • ES6 is NOT REQUIRED, it’s covered in course


  • Basics of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript in depth.
    • Creating classes
    • Creating private/public/global fields
    • Creating private/public/global functions
    • Dynamic rendering with JavaScript
    • Events
  • Introduction to React
  • Original DOM vs Virtual DOM
  • React Components
  • React Components with JSX
  • React Components with ES6
  • Props and state
  • Basics of Node and Installation.
  • Introduction to Npm
  • Adding and removing modules
Learning Objectives:
  • Creating an application using Create React App.
  • Life Cycle
  • Debugging
  • Default values
  • SetState in depth
  • Creating Forms
  • Creating Table
  • Handling Events
  • Applying Filters
  • JSX in depth
  • Validations
  • Applying Styles
  • Backend calls
  • Stateful Components
  • Stateless Components
  • Local Storage
  • Routing
    • Basic Routing and Passing Params
    • Hyperlinks
  • Master Pages
  • Reconciliation
  • Creating Reusable Components
  • React.Component vs React.pure Component
  • Composition vs Inheritance
  • Code Reusability and Optimization
  • Fragments
  • Bundling
  • Deploying
  • Google Maps
  • Bootstrap Controls
  • Material UI
  • Toast Messages for notifications
  • Other Debugging Options
  • Developer Tools
  • Current Applications developed in React
  • Future of React.
  • Introduction to Starter Kits
  • Integration with other libraries


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