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Amazon RedShift Training in San Diego CA US

Redshift is a service by Amazon Web Services. It is completely a managed and scalable service for the warehouses and enterprises whose data rises to petabytes. Participants learning AWS Redshift course get hands-on the database management system. Enroll & Get Certified now!

  • ✔ Course Duration : 32 hrs
  • ✔ Training Options : Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
  • ✔ Certification Pass : Guaranteed

Amazon RedShift Training in San Diego CA US

Students taking up the course learn to support the clients’ connections accompanied by various types of applications. These connections incorporate analytical tools, reporting, and improved business intelligence (BI) application methodology.

The course educates about the platform-enabling query on large amounts of data where multiple-stage operations are involved. It presents a result incorporating storage and optimum query performance. The application produces a massively parallel process and query execution.

Need of Amazon Redshift training

Redshift service by Amazon is considered one of the significant services provided by AWS. Before participants can enroll in the course, beginners must find the need to join the Redshift course.

  • Redshift is known to be a petabyte-scale, enterprise-level, and fully coped data warehousing service.
  • Lead data engineer or Data warehouse engineer are the job titles that you achieve after the course certification.

Beginners who are new to data and data warehouse concepts may find the details below:

  • Data warehouses are responsible for collecting, managing, and processing data collected from various sources; offline and online. Data is the main element behind the elevant and expressive business.
  • Amazon delivers an enterprise-level warehousing Redshift tool. Using the tools, businesses can develop and manage data competently. Interestingly, the wide range of accumulated data or datasets varied from 100s of gigabytes to a petabyte.

Using AWS Redshift

We habitually meet a common question that before this AWS redshift, how these data warehouses performed data processing, data manufacturing, and storing.

Before the concept of Redshift training, when data load was quite usual, users used to operate through physical servers. These physical servers used to have databases that were processed to keep track of data and processes. However, with an exponential upsurge in the size of data, inquiring and managing data converted to a tough task, the tool like Redshift came to rescue the enterprises and data warehouses.

Amazon redshift is much faster and delivers high performance and scalability. These features help in storing and manufacturing data. Redshift came with huge storage capacity and obvious pricing. The respective tool comes with an inbuilt secured system that protects the data from various data breaches.

Databases supported by Redshift

In Amazon Redshift training, participants are trained and imparted that Redshift is developed around industry-standard SQL, with additional functionality. The tools assist users to achieve huge datasets. Moreover, it supports high-performance inquiry and reporting of data.

Advantages of AWS Redshift Training

The course has several advantages over other services.

The training imparts various topics concerning Redshift.

  • High Speed : The processing time for the inquiry is moderately faster than the other data-handling tools, and data imagining has a much clearer picture.
  • Bulk Data Processing : Be bigger; the data size redshift can route huge amounts of data in plenty of time.
  • Minimal Data Loss : Since data are dispersed over the cluster and treated parallel over the network, there is the least chance for data loss, and well the accurateness rate for the administered data is better.
  • Cost-Effective : Being cost-effective, it is inexpensive than any other replacements obtainable that make it strong over the industry practice. Since the pricing is less, we can quarter over large amounts of data and can procedure them within budget.
  • SQL Interface : The Query engine grounded for Redshift is the same as for Postgres. SQL, building it informally for SQL developers to play with it.
  • Security : The data confidential Redshift is encrypted and obtainable at multiple spaces in Redshift. In addition, we can describe the inbound and outbound rule that brands the data much locked.

There is a lot more compensation to having redshift as a better excellent for the data warehouse.

AWS Redshift Pricing

Redshift derives with an amazing price listing that entices developers or the market towards it. Meanwhile, it comes with an on-demand pricing feature; we can use it just over an hourly base and the number of nodes in our cluster. Spectrum Pricing aids us to run SQL Queries straight against all our data.
We can generate large data warehouses utilizing HDD for a very low price.


Redshift training provides vast knowledge and information to the candidates' various data sets. The job titles that are obtained after completing the AWS Redshift course are Data Engineers, Data Architects, SQL Engineer, and so on. RedShift is scalable and effortless to use. It is widely accepted by the industry and has inquiry data handling has, the support of many other Amazon technologies that brand it more influential. Therefore, in a world full of data, Redshift arises with a good data warehouse and dispensation package.

What you will Learn

  • Understand all aspects of Cloud Computing
  • Understand the architecture and components of Amazon Web Services
  • Deploy scalable web applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud
  • Get hands-on training with the key services provided by AWS
  • Understand the AWS‘s data warehouse-as-a-service offering Redshift and how to use the same along with BI tools.


  • To benefit from this Amazon Web Services course, you will need to have basic IT application development and deployment concepts, and good understanding of data warehousing and analytic tools, prior to attending.


Learning Objectives:
  • Amazon Web Services Stack
  • Introduction to Amazon DATABASE
Learning Objectives:
  • AWS Redshift – Data Warehouse-as-a-Service
  • Features
  • Pricing
Learning Objectives:
  • Clusters
  • Leader and Compute Nodes
  • Node Slices
  • Columnar Storage for performance
  • Economics of Redshift
  • Key differentiators
  • Common Use cases
Learning Objectives:
  • Launch a new Redshift Cluster
  • Modifying a Cluster – resize, showdown, delete, reboot.
  • Security Groups.
  • Parameter groups.
  • Database Encryption.
  • Backup and recovery – creating manual snapshot and automatic snapshots.
  • Authorize access to Cluster
  • Getting Information about Cluster Configuration.
  • Database Audit Logging
Learning Objectives:
  • JDBC and ODBC interfaces
  • Install and configure client SQL tools using JDBC and/or ODBC drivers
  • Create Database, Users, user groups, permissions and access controls.
  • Connect to Redshift Cluster
  • Load sample data into cluster
  • Create and test queries against the data
Learning Objectives:
  • Analyzing cluster Performance data
  • Analyze query execution
  • Creating Alarm and working with performance metrics
Learning Objectives:
  • DDL SQL – Creating Tables, Alter tables, Drop tables.
  • LIMITATIONS and what is implemented differently.
  • Selecting distribution Style and distribution keys.
  • Selecting Sort Key.
  • Choose best Distribution key covering various use cases
  • Choosing best sort keys covering various use cases.
  • Choosing a column compression type.
  • Define constraints
Learning Objectives:
  • Using Copy to Load data
  • Loading data from S3
  • Using a Manifest to Specify Data Files
  • Loading Compressed Files
  • Loading Fixed-Width Data
  • Loading Multi-byte Data
  • Loading Encrypted Data Files
  • Loading from JSON files.
Learning Objectives:
  • Insert, Select, Update, Delete
  • Deep Copy
  • LIMITATIONS Troubleshooting
  • S3ServiceException Errors
  • System Tables for Troubleshooting Data Loads
  • Multi-byte Character Load Errors
  • Error Reference
Learning Objectives:
  • Unloading Data to Amazon S3
  • Unloading Encrypted Data Files
  • Unloading Data in Delimited or Fixed-Width Format
  • Reloading Unloaded Data
Learning Objectives:
  • Query Processing
  • Query Planning And Execution Workflow
  • Reviewing Query Plan Steps
  • Query Plan
  • Factors Affecting Query Performance
  • Analyzing and Improving Queries
  • Query Analysis Workflow
  • Reviewing Query Alerts
  • Analyzing the Query Plan
  • Analyzing the Query Summary
  • Improving Query Performance
  • Diagnostic Queries for Query Tuning
  • Implementing Workload Management
  • Defining Query Queues
  • Modifying the WLM Configuration
  • WLM Queue Assignment Rules
  • Assigning Queries to Queues
  • Dynamic and Static Properties
  • Monitoring Workload Management
  • Configuring WLM Queues to Improve Query Processing
  • Troubleshooting Queries
  • Building Admin queries from system tables to analyze performance.
  • Migration of Existing BI Systems to Redshift
  • Data Loading from OLTP databases to Redshift and Limitations.
  • ETL and ELT on Redshift.
  • Limitations from industry standard Integration and BI tools w.r.t Redshift.
  • Build custom ETL and/or ELT framework from an OLTP db to Redshift
  • Use Powershell /Python AWS SDK’s for loading data from SQL Server/ORACLE/Postgres to Redshift through S3.
  • Limitations and Best Practices for Redshift Data warehouse implementation.


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