DevOps Terms for Beginners

DevOps Terms for Beginners

DevOps is a philosophy, which is intended to be an innovative new way of creating applications for enterprises and business requirements.

Beginners, who have several techniques and coding to experiment in the DevOps arena, must be aware of the terms mentioned below:

What is an Agent in DevOps?

An agent is referred to a program that resides on specified servers. The role of the agent is to execute multiple processes on that particular server.

What is Agile Software Development?

It is a software development methodology that comprises user feedback, quality development adhering to industry standards or guidelines, fast response to new products, and implementing trending changes.

Meaning of Application Release Automation (ARA)

The process of deploying software releases with minimal human involvement to various environments along with their configurations.

Meaning of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

It means teamwork between the professionals of quality assurance, business participants, and software developers in a given software project

What is Canary Release?

This is a go-live approach where a fresh application version is released to a trifling batch of production servers, then monitored carefully to regulate if it runs as it’s hypothetical. If the version demonstrates to be established, it’s rolled out to the entire production environment.

What is Capacity Test?

This test regulates the user size that a computer, server, or application can sustain right before failing.

Explain Configuration Drift

There are times when unexpected manual and hotfixes are applied in software or hardware configurations. The process develops inconsistently with the master version. The scenario is called configuration debt.

Describe Configuration Management

Keeping a system aligned with its primary design, necessities, and operational information involves making consistent system settings, physical attributes, presentation, and function.

What is Containerization?

It is virtualization for the deployment and consecutively of dispersed applications without having to promote an entire virtual machine for every procedure.


Containers enable an application to deliver routine consistency when it is moved from one environment (computing) to the next.

What is Dark Launch?

When a new version of code is released, which is not visibly activated yet partially, then such development strategy is termed dark launch.

Explain Deployment Pipeline

This is a multi-step automated process that includes controlling software versions and making them available to a company's users.

Describe Event-Driven Architecture

The methodology where the system produces messages as well as events and detects other events.

Meaning of Fail Fast

A design strategy considered by a quick reversal, where an effort fails, is reported on time, feedback is rapidly returned, the deviations are made, and a new attempt is thru.

What are MTBE and MTTR?

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): It measures the average amount of system downtime resulting from failures.

Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR): It measures the average amount of time needed for a system or component recovering from failure.

What is Microservices?

An outline of architectural design wherein multifaceted applications is collected of a suite of smaller linked services or components that connect utilizing language-agnostic APIs.

Explain Release Orchestration

Taking software releases from the development stage to the actual software, which includes the control of definition, automation, security, and monitoring tasks.

What is Source Control?

This is a process for storing, tracking, and managing changes to code, documents, websites, and other pieces of information.


DevOps is a trending technology, which is promising a great salary package, stability, and extreme career growth.

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