Guiding Workforce to Glide through Behavioural Challenges

Corporate Behavioural Skills Training

Workforce is the real capital and asset of an organization or business.

Every workforce comprises diverse minds, which come together and team up to achieve project goals and deliver excellent performing-results.

Involving such a workforce into behavioural skills training enables them to learn various disciplines such as customer orientation, goal setting, transactional analysis, increasing personal effectiveness, team building, and positive mental attitude.

Behavioural Skills describe and strengthen an organization’s culture.

  • It involves hiring workforce with business specific attitudes and values
  • It cultivates role models that establish appropriate behavioural skills
  • Introduces rewards and recognitions to inspire behavioural values

Behavioural training and related experiences define and develop entire skills and values required to team up a workforce.

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Importance of behavioural skills training

Hiring process is one of the predominant departments that discovered behaviour skills as beneficial for their team.

Employees join an organization, spend a small tenure working with the organization, and leave it after sometime. There is a high cost involved in the recruitment process, administration, and when employees resign from the companies. Obviously, it affects companies’ growth and clientele.

It is important for executives, managers, and supervisors to retain those top talents. To do this, developing positive behaviour patterns is the key ingredient to continue business growth.

Focus of behavioural skills training programs

Behavioural skills training focuses on:

  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Taking Initiative
  • Customer Service
  • Work-life Balance
  • Networking Skills
  • Proactivity
  • Self-awareness
  • Team Bonding
  • Behavioural effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management

Types of Behaviour Skills Training

Mildain Solutions delivers Behavioural Skills Training to the professionals categorized as Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced

  • Beginners – The training addresses soft skills
  • Intermediate – The training focuses on customer service, a positive mental attitude, and effective listening skills.
  • Advanced – The training develops analytical skills, creativity, accelerated learning, and work-life balance.

Benefits of Mildain’s Behavioural Skills training programs

Mildain produces customized Behavioural Skills training adhering to the ADDIE model. The training comprises various methodologies namely, group exercises, videos, case studies, individual activities, discussions, and facilitation.

Professionals categorized under advanced behavioural training attain hands-on experience by practising new things that include stepping out of the comfort zone to face new problems.

The team at Mildain has designed the Behavioural Skills training program to assist individuals, teams and organizations attain their preferred results through leveraging their methodological skills successfully along with the development of significant soft skills.

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