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    MILDAIN was established by an apt and inquisitive team of IIM / IIT Aluminous with a vision to set new benchmarks in the Corporate Training industry, in order to assist our esteem Corporate clients in their learning and development Endeavors.


    Technologies which are basic, Specific and Latest, like Microsoft, Artifical intelligence, Oracle, Cloud, PMP, Mobile Development, Six Sigma, Big Data / Data Science, CompTIA, Software Testing, Anaplan & SAP Hana or Particular Subject Technologies & Many more etc.., Technologies very rare to find all our conduct by MILDAIN… MILDAIN upgrade its Technology asset from time to time with Market Analysis & Expert Advice to cover & conduct best of training challenges.

    Designed for all your training needs


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    Self-Paced Online Training


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    Instructor-Led Live, Online Training

    Mildaintrainings Corporate Training Features

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    Flexible Engagement Model Tailor-Made for Your Needs

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    You get lifetime access to presentations, installation guide & class recordings.

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    Hands-On Experience on Mildaintrainings Cloud Lab, Pre-Configured to Get Started Immediately


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    Round-the-Clock Support by In-House Subject-Matter Experts


    Industry Recognized Certification to Add Value to Your Workforce


    Right Mix of Theoretical and Practical Training for Real World Industry Problems

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    Our Clients

    Companies around the world are enlisting Mildaintrainings to take their workforces into the future.



    Microsoft Azure Training: “The course was really well led. He showed incredible knowledge and patience throughout the course giving us real tangible examples of how to use it. This cleared a lot of the mist for us. I’m very glad we went on Azure Courses and can apply the knowledge in my work with my team.”


    Program Manager, UnitedHealth Group

    Machine Learning Training: “Mildiantrainings is a fantastic training resource with a very organized and proficient way of on-boarding. In the online classroom, the interaction with the instructor was good. Mildaintrainings is definitely the future of training.”


    Program Manager, Unisys

    Python Training: “The course covers all essential topics in Python development, I like the pace and the type of group exercises, learning reinforced, excellent questions and answers provided. The instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful.”


    Program Manager, Wipro

    Protractor Training: “The course was very comprehensive and far-reaching using real-world examples. It also helped to identify how the principles and methods apply to my work and experience.”


    Program Manager, Genpact

    All Categories

    DevOps View all

  • Ansible Training This course is designed by DevOps Subject Matter Experts to help you understand Ansible concepts and perform hands-on Ansible deployment and operations.
    • Learn to Install & Configure Ansible Server on Centos7
    • Learn to register Windows server – Ansible node
    • Learn to register Ubuntu server –Ansible node
    View Details
  • CHEF Training This course helps you understand Chef concepts and perform hands-on Chef deployment and operations
    • Learn to Install & Configure Chef Server on Centos7
    • Learn to Install & Configure Chef Workstation on Centos7
    • Learn Chef roles and chef environments
    View Details
  • DevOps Advanced Training This course helps you understand the core concepts of DevOps
    • Learn to Create and manage repositories on Github
    • Learn to Install and configure Jenkins Master node
    • Learn docker and perform docker operations
    View Details
  • Docker Technical Essentials This course helps you understand Docker concepts and perform handson docker operations.
    • Learn core concepts of Docker
    • Learn to Install Docker on Windows server
    • Learn to Install Docker on Linux Server
    View Details
  • Docker with Kubernetes Training Comprehensive hands-on with Dockers and Kubernetes Components
    • Learn Docker and Kubernetes Architecture and Components and installation
    • Get introduced to deploy stateful and stateless apps on the cluster
    View Details
  • SALTSTACK Training SALTSTACK Technical Essentials Training course is designed by Devops Subject Matter Experts to help you understand Saltstack concepts and perform handson Puppet deployment and operations.
    • Understand the core concepts of Saltstack Components
    • Learn User and group management on nodes through Saltstack
    View Details
  • PUPPET Training Puppet Technical Essentials Training course is designed by Devops Subject Matter Experts to help you understand Puppet concepts and perform handson Puppet deployment and operations.
    • Understand the core concepts of Puppet Components
    • Learn to Write manifest for all 3 puppet nodes to deploy web infrastructure
    View Details
  • KUBERNETES Training Kubernetes Technical Essentials Training course is designed by Devops Subject Matter Experts to help you understand Kubernetes concepts and perform handson Kuberentes operations.
    • Understand the core concepts of Docker and Kubernetes
    • Install Docker on Linux
    • Learn to Deploy and manage container on Linux
    View Details
  • DevOps Essentials Training DevOps Technical Essentials Training course is designed by DevOps Subject Matter Experts to help you understand DevOps concepts
    • Understand the core concepts of DevOps
    • Learn to Create and manage repositories on Github
    • Learn to Install and configure Jenkins Master node
    View Details
  • Programming View all

  • Python Learn Python programming from scratch through Python programming....
    • Learn Types, Variables , Loops, Tuples , Dictionaries in Python
    • Learn Flow Control in Python
    • Learn Graphical Application Development
    View Details
  • NodeJs Node.js is a platform for easily building fast, scalable network applications...
    • Learn to Build network applications with Node.js
    • Learn to Create Node.js modules
    • Create and manipulate buffers efficiently
    View Details
  • ReactJs React has become one among the most popular...
    • Learn Templating Using JSX
    • Learn Working With The state And Props
    • Understand React Portals
    • React’s fiber architecture
    View Details
  • Xamarin learn native Android, iOS and Windows app development training...
    • Build apps with Native User Interface
    • Build an application using Xamarin.Forms
    • Establish, deploy and publish mobile apps
    View Details
  • JAVA 8 The course covers lambda expressions and the Stream API but also many new...
    • New Features of Java 8
    • New Java tools
    • Features in Java libraries
    • Features in Java compiler
    • Features in Java runtime
    View Details
  • JUnit Learn design and developing projects using Java language...
    • Unit-testing servlets and filters
    • Unit-testing JSPs and taglibs
    • Unit-testing database applications
    • Unit-testing EJBs
    View Details
  • ASP .Net ASP.NET MVC Training covers all the new features of ASP.NET MVC 5, as well as...
    • Understand the MVC design pattern and how it’s applied in ASP.NET MVC
    • Learn how to build a compelling and maintainable HTML user interface
    View Details
  • HIBERNATE Hibernate is the most popular object-relational mapping...
    • Understand the challenges of mapping objects to relational databases
    • Architecture of Hibernate
    • Explore Hibernate’s Caching Architecture
    View Details
  • Advanced JAVA Advanced Java Training is designed for those Java programmers...
    • Learn the fundamentals of JDBC and using the different interfaces in the JDBC API
    • Learn how to use Java servlets in the role of Web application control.
    View Details
  • Core JAVA Core Java Training is a dynamic programming language specially...
    • Introduction to Java
    • Declarations, Invocations and Executions
    • Working with jar
    • Java API and Project
    View Details
  • JavaScript JavaScript is among the most powerful and flexible...
    • Introduction to javascript
    • Document object model
    • Conditionals, Loops etc
    • Window object Document object Arrays
    View Details
  • Atlassian JIRA This course covers the use of Jira Software and Jira Core in depth...
    • JIRA Key Concepts
    • Introduction to Workflows
    • Searching and Filters
    • Reporting
    View Details
  • Unix Linux Learn to take full advantage of a Linux or UNIX operating...
    • UNIX File System Architecture
    • UNIX Commands
    • Input & output redirection
    • Shell Meta characters
    View Details
  • Angular 4 Angular 4 training course is aimed at Web Developers who...
    • Learn to Integrate RESTful services with Angular
    • Learn to Use Angular alongside other cutting edge JavaScript libraries
    • Learn to build responsive UI
    View Details
  • Zend Framework Zend Framework ZCE’s have the advantage in today’s competitive...
    • Zend Framework Basics
    • Creating modules
    • Creations of Forms
    • Configuring and Using Databases
    View Details
  • C# .NET This training program covers all the basic, intermediate and advanced...
    • Learn the fundamentals of C# programming in Visual Studio.
    • Using .Net Framework
    • Working with variables, data types
    View Details
  • Advanced Java Script You will learn Advanced Java Script Training programming fundamentals and...
    • Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript
    • Managing Scope in a large JavaScript application
    • Using JavaScript Patterns to improve code quality
    View Details
  • Angular 2 Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of the Angular framework,...
    • Creating custom directives and services
    • Working with Dependency Injection (DI)
    • Exposure to RESTful web services
    View Details
  • Spring Security This in-depth course introduces the Java web developer...
    • Configure Spring Security for HTTP BASIC authentication.
    • Implement SAML SSO from the service-provider side.
    • Implement an OAuth 2.0 client.
    View Details
  • REDUX Learn how to code Redux apps with TypeScript...
    • Learn the essential concepts behind Redux programming.
    • Learn Redux development environment
    • Learn details on combining reducers.
    View Details
  • SQL Server This SQL Server Course teaches developers all the Transact-SQL...
    • Learn Database models
    • Insert, update, and delete data
    • Retrieve data from tables
    • Understand different Views
    View Details
  • GraphQL Graph QL is a new innovation which improved upon REST...
    • Writing GraphQL Queries
    • Constructing GraphQL Schemas
    • Mutating Data with Relay.
    • Exploring GraphQL Types
    View Details
  • Ember.JS Ember.js, one of the most popular JavaScript Model-View-Controller...
    • Learn how JavaScript MVC applications are designed and implemented
    • Learn the infrastructure that Ember provides for building MVC applications
    View Details
  • Microservices Microservices Training Architecture is one of the methods for implementing...
    • Understand and differentiate between various Microservices Architectural styles
    • Apply Microservices Architecture principles
    View Details
  • Confluence Attendees from this Confluence Fundamentals Training will become proficient...
    • Confluence Layout and Navigation
    • Creating Page Content
    • Advanced Content Creation
    • Basic Administration
    View Details
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