Which training to enroll for? Data Science | RPA | Workfusion

Which training to enroll for? Data Science | RPA | Workfusion

Thailand is a country of young people who have high aspirations, and grow up to work harder. Skilled-based training in any technology domain seems to be the gateway to achieving all goals.

Workfusion, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Data Science training in Bangkok are the technologies trending in Thailand. So, check your interest and capacities before enrolling to anyone.

Here, we will try to explain the technologies in simple words so that aspirants can register for the right training for a perfect life.

What is Workfusion training?

In RPA Workfusion training Thailand Th, you are skilled for the RPA Intelligent Automation Cloud environment. You learn to create and manage manual tasks such as business process flow and web/desktop automation.

To explain it further, Workfusion aims to impart quality training that en route an in-depth fundamental knowledge of core concepts with a practical approach.

Mildain offers exposure to the present industry use-cases and scenarios in Workfusion training. Such programs assist candidates to scale up their skills and carrying out real-time projects with unsurpassed practices.

Job roles in after Workfusion certification

  • Project Manager (IT)
  • Senior Engineer
  • Manager – Operation
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Designer
  • Researcher
  • Engineer (backend)

Example of Workfusion

  • Pre-trained bots
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence solutions
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automating business processes

Salary in Workfusion

USD 25,000

INR 3 lacs

What is data science training in Bangkok?

Data science is a process that comprises several mathematical formulas, business intelligence, tools, various algorithms, and techniques that imply via machine learning. When all these are blended together into a process, it is called Data Science.

Example of data science

  • Identification and prediction of disease
  • Optimizing shipping and logistics routes in real-time
  • Detection of frauds
  • Healthcare recommendations
  • Automating digital ads

Job titles of data science

  • Data mining engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data architect
  • Hadoop engineer
  • Data warehouse architect
  • Commercial intelligence manager
  • Competitive intelligence analyst
If you have enrolled in Mildain’s Master data science training Bangkok, then you should be ready to get trained by industry-approved trainers, prepare to gain experience from real-industry case studies, and be assured for 100% placement assistance.

Why to choose RPA training certification in Thailand?

Mildain Trainings’ online or onsite, instructor-led live (Robotic Process Automation) RPA training certification in Thailand Th imparts students how to implement RPA within their organizations.

RPA training is obtainable as "online live training" or "onsite live training". Online live training is delivered by way of an interactive, remote desktop.

RPA training in Thailand can be enrolled in self-paced, instructor-led online classes, group online courses, and one-to-one.

The training timings and fee structure have been kept quite flexible and nominal to assist students from all society sections.

Example of RPA

  • Finance & Accounting (Invoice Processing)
  • Human Resources (Hiring & Onboarding)
  • Retail (Inventory Management)
  • Payroll
  • Customer Support

Job roles after RPA certification

  • RPA developer
  • Senior RPA developer
  • RPA process architect
  • Senior RPA consultant
  • RPA project manager
  • RPA lead developer


RPA, Data Science, and Workfusion are all these three technologies delivering reputation and financial stability throughout the lifetime. Choose the best which suits you! Or talk to career counselor now!

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