The Top RPA Tools list And Comparison 2019

Top RPA Tools list And Comparison 2019

Robotic Process Automation has created a great deal of buzz in and around the technology space. The main aim of RPA is to let the bot do the tasks which are easy, repetitive and documented such that going with the rules even a bot able to complete the task.

Before developing any such software and robot, selecting the proper RPA tool is a crucial thing in the automation journey. It can directly impact the outcome of an RPA implementation.

In our last blog, we have already discussed What is RPA? and How it’s Works, here in this blog we will talk about top RPA tools and the following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction To RPA
  • Core Functionalities Of RPA Tools
  • Types Of RPA Tools
  • Checklist For Selecting RPA Tools
  • RPA Tools Comparison : UiPath vs Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere

Introduction to RPA

Robotic Process Automation is an intelligent way of working on tasks that can easily be categorized by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having said that, let me explain you each of these terms one by one

  • Robotic: Machines which mimic human actions are called Robots.
  • Process: Sequence of steps which lead to a meaningful activity. For example:- the process of making tea or the process of making your favorite dish etc
  • Automation: Any process which is done by a robot without human intervention

To sum it up, mimicking human actions to perform a sequence of steps that lead to a meaningful activity, without any human intervention is known as Robotic Process Automation

Core functionalities of RPA tools

Any RPA tool that you select must do these two basic functionalities:

  • A bot should able to interact with various other systems either through screen scraping / API integrations
  • A bot should able to make decisions and find its actions based on inputs gathered from other systems.

Let’s check the market presence of the RPA tools and their current offerings

The graphical representation is according to Forrester Wave report: Robotic Process Automation, Q2 2018.

Top RPA tools

There are some appreciated RPA vendors providing their own tools to automate business processes. However, here we are discussing the top 5 RPA tools which will help you to streamline the selection steps.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism group is a multinational software organization based in the UK. They pioneered RPA to reduce the high risk and low return processing work and data entry job manually.

The technology used is based on framework and it supports any type of platform and applications. It allows the design automation process that too within IT governance. The tool supports the internal and external decryption and encryption keys. The users are provided with audit logs enabling. The customized code of .NET provides a high rate of robustness


UiPath is a global software company based in New York City. With the help of UiPath tool, it is easy to manage automated business processes and the virtual workforce.

It is based on an on-premise and cloud deployment method which makes it capable to deploy and manage all things in one particular place. The main advantage of UiPath is that it offers desktop contribution and Citrix environment which is good for BPO automation. It is based on Microsoft SharePoint workflow, Kibana elastic search

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is based in California, US. It caters to businesses looking to deploy a digital workforce composed of bots which can offer complete end-to-end business processes. Be it cloud, datacenter or desktop, automation anywhere can be deployed in any environment. It can protect all the architectures and control the processing. Microsoft is its base technology.


Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering which is commonly known as NICE is a publicly traded software company based in Israel. It enables enterprises to operationalize Big Data. It delivers both desktop and server automation, so employees can focus on productivity. It can also automate cross-application processes by combining with any third-party or home system, including CRM, billing, MS Office, virtualization, and networking

Kofax Kapow

Kofax Inc. is a process automation software provider based in Irvine, California. They offer process management, RPA, e-signature, mobility and customer communication services to multiple customers in 70 countries worldwide. Kofax Kapow is the most efficient way to acquire, enhance and deliver information from any application and data source or enterprise system without coding. It supports all types of application environments and data sources, including websites, portals, enterprise systems, and legacy applications, Excel, Email, XML, JSON, CSV, and SQL. It can automatically publish robots with standard Java, .NET, SOAP, RESTful interface which is used to control robotic processes from external applications and remote systems.

Summary Table / Checklist for selecting RPA Tools.
RPA Tools Comparison: Blue Prism vs UiPath vs Automation Anywhere
S.No Parameters Blue Prism UiPath Automation Anywhere
1 Accuracy Set for BPO optimization Set for Web Automation Rational
2 Architecture Client Server Orchestrator Client Server
3 Cognitive Capability High High Very High
4 Learning Ability to develop and control Visual Designer Basic knowledge of programming required
5 Macro-Recorder Absent Present Present
6 Price Medium High High
7 Trial Version availability No Free edition available Available
8 Scalability High-speed execution Medium speed execution Limited
9 Re-Usability Yes Yes Yes
10 Robots Front & Back office Only Back office Front & Back office
11 Recorders No Yes Yes
12 Access App-based Mobile Browsing App-based
13 Process Designer Visual Process-based Visual Process-based Script based
14 Base Technology C# Microsoft Microsoft
15 Reliability Very high Moderate High

RPA tools with better cognitive abilities and Artificial learning abilities are being developed. And these are sure to find its way into several other industries. In a way, they are the future. As for now, these tools will continue aiding industries to generate better profit and services. Artificial bots in the future may or may not take over the world in the future, but its certain that RPA tools and its AI bots are here to help you create a better future

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