Top Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move

Top Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move


Big Data Analytics—arguably the hottest skills dominating contemporary job markets, serves to be the right career choice for many. Here are some top reasons that provide a peep into the big picture.

Big Data is very much in demand and everywhere. Today, almost every company, no matter what domain is, they are using the same in order to collect and preserve whatever data is being generated, for the fear of missing out on something important. You should need to aware with the fact that there is a huge amount of data floating around and the data is very important and we can manipulate the data which matters us a lot. And that is why Data Analytics has become important as it supports in improving business’s success, decision making power and providing the biggest edge over the competitors.This applies for organizations as well as professionals in the Analytics domain. For professionals, who are skilled in Big Data Analytics , there is an ocean of opportunities out there.

Analytics Professionals are in High Demand

With more and more opportunities coming to the fore with regards to Big Data Analytics and management, IT professionals are prepping themselves to invest more time and money in their training for the same. As per Jeanne Harris, linked with Accenture Institute for High Performance, “…data is useless without the skill to analyze it.” Most job trend graphs are indicating a growing need for Big Data Analytics , thereby resulting in a spate of job opportunities in this field.

With organizations looking for more lucrative ways of exploiting the potential of Big Data technology, professionals with expertise and experience in Analytics are obviously in high demand. “In the next few years, the size of the analytics market will evolve to at least one-thirds of the global IT market from the current one-tenths,” comments Srikanth Velamakanni, CEO and cofounder of CA headquartered Fractal Analytics, Bangalore.

Existence of a Skill Gap

A close look at the job portal of your choice and you will know that there is a large number of vacancies worldwide in this particular sector and that’s solely because of the dearth of skilled professionals. So if you are thinking of Big Data Analytics as a career option, the dismal demand-supply gap will ensure that you will never be unemployed.

Salary Aspects

Due to the high demand for analytics professionals, the range of salary is also skyrocketing. Studies suggest that the annual pay hike for Analytics professionals in India is almost 50% more than other IT professionals. The salary trend in U.K has also seen steady and exponential growth in the last two years.

The Key Role of Big Data Analytics in Decision Making

Analytics, a primary competitive resource for most organizations, is all set to take center stage in the future too. The reason behind this is that in spite of all the data that’s being used, there is zillion times more that remains unitized at this point. Today, it’s only the rudimentary analytics that are being conceptualized and done by companies. Enabling superior decision-making capabilities and key strategic initiatives, Analytics undeniably stands out against all other alternatives in the competition. Overall, it succeeds in adding greater value and brings in vital information for helping businesses take effective and timely business decisions. All in all, Big Data Analytics is definitely here to stay, and as a viable career option.

Easy to go with

The word Data Analytics is all about the mix of programming frameworks, including- Java, C, Python, or Scala, however, nothing will be complex enough, if you have full knowledge about the same, you will be able to handle Big Data Analytics so well. Also, you should have a natural desire to find solutions always as that is why BDA uses in various companies. Going up with the Big Data , it will make it easy and interesting for you to learn languages that are highly in demand and specialize with the time.

You better know that there are plethora of certification courses and material available online for new as well as professional candidates who want to know more about Big Data and polish the skills, however, it is time for you to be a part of the same as it is not a complex matter. If you are going through to take the basic knowledge of Java or OOPS programming or you are professional in the same language, you better plan to work with Unix /Linux platforms and tools like Apache Hadoop and you will get amazing opportunities you ever had before.

In order to get the latest update of Hadoop and access, internet is full of the best resources and tutorials will help you all the time to get updated information.

Big Data Analytics is Growing, therefore opt it

We are completely aware with the fact that technologies are playing very important role today and because of the same we can expect our life very easy to go with. Similarly, Big Data Analytics is here to perform and deal with very large and diverse datasets to make any company robust. It is important to note down that more than one-third of the respondents are currently using some form of advanced analytics using Big Data , for various purposes, like- Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Data Mining tasks. Big Data is a perfect example and can easily edge over the competition; the rate of implementation of the necessary Analytics tools has increased so well than ever. When talk about Big Data Analytics tools or when we use up the same for any work, the adoption of Apache Hadoop framework continues to be the popular choice. Both Hadoop and Big Data is very famous, however, pros should move ahead with the understanding of both the term and know the fact how to use them well. As we already know that there are huge amount of commercial and open-source frameworks to choose from and organizations are making the appropriate choice based on their requirement, but Hadoop is a perfect match to get the work done professionally. Already, more than half of the respondents deployed or are currently implementing a Hadoop distribution.

You better move up with the both, if you feel that you have a flair for math and statistics as Big Data Analytics career move will allow you enhance your skills in everything from applied statistics to analysis, graph theory, linear algebra, and various others. You can go ahead with a degree in computer science and if you are already done the same, it will be an added advantage and allow you to enhance your skills for Python, Hive, and SQL coding, as these skills will help you to understand the Big Data Analytics game so well than anything else.

All in all, there are lots of other advantages we can expect to have which will surely push us to opt Big Data analytics as career over any other. It is best for taking great business decisions, the rise of unstructured and semi structured data, predictions for market, hang up with the multiple programming languages, and other various things can be done with the help of the same.

Various options in job titles and responsibilities

Big Data professionals have an array of job titles open depending on the skills they have achieved so far. The options for the Big Data job aspirants are many where they are free to align their career paths based on their career interests. Some of the job roles Big Data professionals can play are as follows:

  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Visualization Specialist
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Analytics Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • Big Data Analyst

Usage in Every Section

The biggest advantage of Big Data Analytics is that it can be used almost anywhere and everywhere. From Healthcare to Energy to Technology to Banking, Big Data Analytics can be used in every single domain making it as flexible as flexible can get.

Surpassing Market Forecast / Predictions for Big Data Analytics

According to a renowned international survey, Big Data Analytics will be one of the most disruptive technologies in three years’ time. Researchers are of opinion that in the near future, Big Data Analytics tools will be used for the first line of defense, combining machine learning, text mining and ontology modeling to provide holistic and integrated security threat prediction.


Regardless of how advanced Analytics are, they are incapable of removing the requirements for human insights. But then, there exists a compelling urgency for skilled people who have the abilities of understanding data, thinking from the point of view of business, and coming up with deeper insights. This is why, with more and more organizations looking towards harnessing the powers of Big Data technology, professionals, especially those who are geared with Analytics skills, are in high demand. This said; such professionals may look forward to boosting their career and becoming valuable assets for their organizations.
All the best!

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