Top 8 Reasons To Learn Cybersecurity

Top 8 Reasons To Learn Cybersecurity

In the present scenario, Cybersecurity is becoming one of the finest options to begin your career with. The prime reason is the growing demand of the experts across the globe since last few years. It is one of the Information Technology domains which are becoming more and more challenging. Due to the rapidly increasing cyber attacks across the globe, organizations are looking for the experts who can help them in tackling the same. Another fact is Cybersecurity is a challenging domain and needs a lot of expertise for the professionals in order to eliminate attacks that are unauthorized in nature. Well, these are not the only reason that why Cybersecurity has come up with excellent scope in recent years. There are of course, several other reasons too. Here is the list of top 8 reasons why you should learn Cybersecurity this year.

8. Trends may come and go but cyber security trends are forever

Cybersecurity has slowly transformed into an evergreen industry. Like air pollution was a by-product of the industrial revolution, cyber attacks are a similar by-product of the digital revolution. Keeping this situation in mind, and looking at the advances we have made as a community since the invention of the internet, I think it’s an obvious conclusion that Cybersecurity as a viable career option is here to stay. With the advent of topics like Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing the permanent stature of Cybersecurity and the magnitude of its importance has been very well set in stone. So if you wish to learn cybersecurity in today’s age, it’s definitely a good idea.

7. Travel the World with Cybersecurity

For those of you, who aspire to travel the globe, Cybersecurity might just be the perfect career path. Thousands of home-grown cybersecurity experts or working to protect businesses, government agencies, and general consumers. On a global scale, the rise in cyber-attacks is outpacing the supply of cyber-defenders. This results in plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals and experts to travel overseas to serve their skills which are in high demand. Hence, if you have ever wanted to work in a different country, then a career in cybersecurity might just be your perfect passport to success!

6. A Job that Never Gets Boring

Due to the unpredictable nature of the future, a career in Cybersecurity is not and cannot be static and stale. You will be challenged on a regular basis. There will be new and unexpected failures as well as amazing and surprising discoveries. One certainty is that attackers will continue to develop new exploits on a constant basis and it is your job to find creative, and optimized solutions to the arising problems. As a Cybersecurity professional, you will be solving new puzzles, fighting off new demons, and supporting new activities on a regular basis. So if you tend to easily get bored due to things being monotonous, fret not, Cybersecurity never gets boring!

5. Highly demanded field

For those having professional recognition of their skills, there are currently a very large number of vacancies which are available all across the globe. In fact, it is one of the professionals with wide demand

  • The workforce is expected to rise by around 6.5 million by the end of next year
  • Experts says by 2020, there will be more than 4 billion people across the internet and to cater the needs of them, there will be need of more and more Cybersecurity professionals
  • Organizations in almost every sector need to have these professionals with them to keep up the pace and the fact is there are many organizations who even hire Cybersecurity professionals consistently.

4. A Chance to Work with Secret Agencies

It’s certain that Cybersecurity Professionals have a clear shot at working with prestigious fortune 500 companies like Dell, Accenture, InfoTech etc, but the potential doesn’t end there. Experts who prove to be worthy of their skills might earn the chance to work with top-secret government agencies and intelligence agencies eg MI6, Mossad, NSA. So if you learn Cybersecurity, you might just become a top-secret agent!

3. Mathematics is not Needed

Do you have arithmophobia? Are you afraid of the number? Well, in that case, you just need to relax.

  • It is true that maths as a subject is quite challenging for a lot of students. Some of the working professionals are also afraid of maths.
  • It is true that not everyone has an aptitude for maths and thus does not let them go ahead with a career of their choice as maths is involved in it.
  • If you are also afraid of maths and want to build a career in Cybersecurity, you can surely go ahead with it without being upset about the maths part
  • Cybersecurity is absolutely free from the involvement of mathematics & so if you don’t like maths, you need not worry about getting a certification in Cybersecurity
  • Rather, you can spend your time in mastering skills like networking & programming to build a career in a particular skill set

2. Plenty of Opportunities

There are over a million companies in this world spread across a variety of sectors and industries and a large proportion of them share one thing in common today i.e. need for an internet connection. More than 400,000 people already work in the information security industry and demand for cyber skills is growing fast in every type of company and government department. So, whether you dream of working in sports or fashion, media or the emergency services, finance or retail, cyber skills could your gateway as everyone needs someone, to defend their sensitive data

1. Pay checks that have become fat

There is nothing wrong to say that with the increasing challenges in the Cybersecurity domain, the overall number of professionals needed have fallen short

  • Due to this reason, the experts in this field have seen significant growth in their salary since recent years.
  • On an average basis, an expert earns around $42,000 to $78,000 after getting the required skills
  • After getting the required training, the professionals are free to work with any organization actually and this is because almost all of them whether small or large-scale needs security experts in their arena
  • The salaries of the professionals are still largely expected to grow in the time to come and because there is currently a ton of skill shortage, pursuing career in this domain presently assures a better tomorrow for one and all.

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. Cybersecurity courses teach professionals to spot vulnerabilities, fend off attacks, and immediately respond to emergencies.
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