SailPoint 5 mins Quick Guide

SailPoint 5 mins Quick Guide

Here is a 5 minutes quick guide information provided to equip your knowledge on the topic.

SailPoint is a robotic version of Identity management, as it decreases the cost and difficulties met by the users and delivers the right of entry to the users.
SailPoint is a lightweight portable application.

It has larger features when associated with identity management, henceforth called identity management solution. SailPoint delivers the IdentityIQ and it is entitled as IdentityIQ war-file. This war file contains the application modules.

Upholding access to info in today’s influential, data-driven background is a trial, one that needs much more from Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions than ever before.

As SailPoint is fascinating their standing to be a front-runner these days.

Real Identity Panels for Security, Compliance, and Productivity

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a groundbreaking identity management solution that diminishes the cost and difficulty of both complying with guidelines and bringing access to the users.

Traditional identity management methods separate these areas separately and often use multiple disjoint products.

IdentityIQ however, offers a unified method that powers a mutual identity governance framework. This makes it conceivable dependably, apply occupational, security policy role and risk models to entree-related activities.

IdentityIQ delivers the following key mechanisms to automate right of entry certifications, policy application, and the end-to-end access request and provisioning processes.

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager

It allows the occupational to improve compliance and audit performance with subordinate costs.

  • Business-friendly Access Certifications
  • Automated Policy Management
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics

IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager

It brings a business-oriented solution to avail firmly and cost-effectively.

  • Self-Service Access Request
  • Automated Provisioning

IdentityIQ Password Manager

It transports a modest solution for managing passwords and reducing operational costs and boosting output.

  • Self-Service Password Management
  • Strong Password Policy Enforcement and Sync

The IdentityIQ Governance Platform

It generates a foundation for real risk management by centralizing identity data and delivering a solitary place to model roles, policies, risk, and business procedures.

Connectors and Integration Modules

It lets your group connect to all and flawlessly integrate IdentityIQ with other IT security and operations tools.

IdentityIQ Identity Intelligence

It permits your administrations to get 360-degree perceptibility in order to identify data and can rapidly find risks; spot compliance subjects and makes the right choices to improve success.

IdentityIQ allows customers to

  • Reducing costs
  • Boost productivity
  • Centralize visibility
  • Governance controls to reduce risk
  • Enabling users to log in from any device

The difference is clear

IdentityIQ is designed for corporate users, translating IT express into actionable business info and simplifying the user’s knowledge.

IdentityIQ is prepared for today’s multifaceted hybrid IT environments and unites identity management procedures across the cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments.

SailPoint’s power-based approach unifies visibility, recovers compliance, and reduces risks by consistently applying controls across all IAM services – meaningfully lowering deployment costs.

Managing the Business of Identity

SailPoint benefits the world’s largest establishments to lessen risks, decrease IT costs and safeguard compliance. The firm’s award-winning software, SailPoint IdentityIQ offers superior reflectivity and panels over user entrance to subtle applications and data while reforming the access request and delivery procedure.

IdentityIQ is the industry’s foremost governance-based identity organization suite that rapidly carries tangible results with risk-aware compliance organization, closed-loop user life cycle organization, flexible provisioning, an integrated governance model, and identity intelligence.

Enroll in Mildaintrainings SailPoint Course Certification to boost your career rapidly.

Once you complete SailPoint training, you can begin applying for a SailPoint Developer position vacant in India and USA.

Deloitte, Accenture, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Mphasis, Dell India, etc., are some of the top IT companies, which search for skilled SailPoint candidates for completing their projects.

The job responsibility of a Sailpoint Developer is to assist in the creation, implementation, and management of applications with strategic design to Identity solutions.

Your take-home salary as a fresher after completing SailPoint certification could be above Rs. 35.000/- in India.

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