Blue Prism Technical Interview Questions

Q1 How do I get Blue Prism Tutorials?  Blue Prism Technical Interview Questions

Ans: There are Many Places where you can get Blue Prism Tutorials for Beginners and videos, but just make sure you are doing the Labs while reading it is very important part of training if you do not have lab access than it’s worthless.

Q2 What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Blue Prism Resource?

Ans: In coming days Blue Prism the tool of RPA is going to play a very important role in many sectors like bank and hospital etc. So Blue Prism tool will be very important So there are many roles in Blue Prism. 

  • Developer (80% Job Openings)
  • Architect (10% Job Openings)
  • Admin (10% Job Openings)

As you can see above the most important role will be playing by the Developer. Hence one must focus on that.

Q3 Can you provide details on Blue Prism certification?

Ans:  Well, there are 6 types of Blue Prism Certification. You can start with the basic one. To know more about various Blue Prism Certifications you can check the other Blogs and videos of mine.

Q4. Can I get certified if my company is not a partner of Blue Prism?

Ans: As of 2017, the answer is no. Sounds bad? Don’t worry we have good news as well. Blue prism will be soon extending their certification program to non-partners.

That sounds great.

Q5. How can I get access to Blue Prism Portal?

Ans: (1) Normal Access  (2) Partner Access

As you would have guessed, it’s only for partners.  If your company is a partner of Blue prism please register with your corporate email id.

Hope it helps.

Q6. Where can I get Blue Prism Training?

Ans: There are many Vendors but make sure you get Lab access before and after the sessions

Q7. Where can I get Blue Prism Training in Hyderabad, Blue Prism Training in Bangalore along with the materials?

Ans: I get this question from my office colleagues, friends, and Blog readers almost every day or week.

And my answer is if you are taking this offline, then it’s irrelevant. And I would suggest Online training instead of Classroom training for Blue Prism since this is completely Tool Based i.e. 0% Theory, 100% Labs. 

Q8. How do I know if my company is a partner of Blue Prism?

Ans: There are many companies like Accenture, Deloitte etc.  That’s clearly listed on their official portal.

Q9. Where can I get Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers and how difficult is it?

Ans: Most of the Questions are quite easy some are advanced which will help you to think for advance Blue Prism technology will increase your level to learn new things (new technology).

Q10. What about RPA Blue Prism Jobs? Do we have the good opportunity?

Ans:  Blue prism has been implemented in below locations: Los Angeles, San Jose, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Orlando, Seattle, Washington, New York, India, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai. You can easily find a job in case you reside in any of these locations.

Q11. How much time does it take to learn Blue Prism Tool?

Ans: Well, that depends upon the quality of training; you can learn the Basics in around 25-32 hours.


Mildaintrainings offers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training

And its tools like Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and WorkFusion training all over the

Globe as Blue Prism is very important and future topic as every MNCs hiring those people who are expert in Blue Prism.

At Mildaintrainings, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) courses especially Blue Prism Training, Automation Anywhere and Ui path as above mentioned courses are important tools of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), take training from.

Mildaintrainings (Pioneer Name in Technical IT Training Today) Where all key topics will cover on all training which is very important for career perspective, with in-depth learning &amp it will be Instructor-led hands-on practical and live project training as well. At Mildaintrainings all their trainers are having more than 15 years of practical industry experience on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training which are going to help you to grow your career as an RPA expert, apart from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training Mildaintrainings also provides other course Like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Blue Prism WorkFusion training as well. One of the important parts of taking training at Mildaintrainings is, they are providing 6 months technical assistant for their trainees who make them strong in their field as all the doubts will be cleared during the training at Mildaintrainings.

Mildaintrainings has weekdays, the weekend session with multiple Trainers on both Basic and advanced sections of Blue prism. Also, the Labs will be provided for a longer duration.


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