Guidewire PolicyCenter training course is a comprehensive training program for the professional which covers all the essential concepts of Guidewire software and equips the professionals with the ability to work with the Guidewire tool effectively. Extensive demand and opportunities available in Guidewire, this online training program is intended to make you a specialist in the progressive Guidewire technology.

✓ 2100+ Professionals Trained on Guidewire

✓ Instructor-Led Online & Corporate Guidewire Training

✓ Access to Guidewire Recorded Sessions

Course Duration – 32 Hours

For Corporate/Online Training

Guidewire policycenter training  Reviews 

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• Underwriting rules management
• Rating Management enhancements
• Integrated Spotlight
• Underwriting tools for loss ratio and estimated premium calculations
• Policy contingencies
• Integrated payment



  • Guidewire platform provides a set of core technology components that provide critical building blocks and services to all Guidewire application.
  • Guidewire applications are built in Java and conform to the J2EE standard.
  • Web service APIs enable Guidewire applications to integrate seamlessly into a services-oriented architecture and interact with any other applications in any technology.
  • Guidewire Training applications run on the insurance industry’s preferred operating systems and application servers.
  • The Guidewire training provided by the trainers offers an end-to-end set of applications that support insurance operations like policy administration, underwriting and claims management.
  • We provide comprehensive training to gain knowledge to effectively using Guidewire with case-study and practical demonstration for your guidance by real-time practitioners.
  • Guidewire Online Training provides a complete set of applications to support your core operations underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management, help you replace your legacy systems and transform your business.
  • Insurance Suite’s comprehensive applications are built on a common platform, covering the Property/Casualty Insurance lifecycle while providing the deep functionality you require to replace your existing legacy systems.


Guidewire Policy Center Training Course:

Guidewire PolicyCenter empowers property and casualty insurers to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry with more effective underwriting, agile policy and product management, and excellent customer service. PolicyCenter enables insurers to respond and succeed during rapid market changes by leveraging customer insights and facilitating insurer-driven differentiation.

By combining the innovations gained from Guidewire’s market experience and commitment to empowering solutions to enable differentiation, insurers can optimize their operations and respond faster to market opportunities. In addition, flexible deployment options and market-leading performance enable PolicyCenter to serve a full spectrum of property and casualty insurers.

  • Guidewire Policy Center was mainly designed to empower the property and casualty insurers to meet their need rapidly for the changing industry with efficient product management.
  • It has got the advanced underwriting policy lifecycle management to product definitions, quote, bid and endorse.
  • It also provides access to the information that insurers need to deliver high-quality service.
  • Enroll in Global Online Trainings for Guidewire policy center training to know the robust functionality of it.

Guidewire PolicyCenter Benefits:

Achieve Success During Rapid Market Change

PolicyCenter empowers insurers to achieve success by leading and adapting to industry change.  By enabling employees as well as agents and customers, insurers can improve and optimize operational processes, create and update new products, enter new markets with agility, and drive innovation.

Optimize Underwriting, Policy, and Product Management by Leveraging Customer Insights

PolicyCenter embodies 10 years of innovation through partnerships with more than 100 property and casualty insurers. Insurers leverage this experience and Guidewire’s commitment to gain market-driven innovation in customer service, underwriting decision-making, and policy management. This deep industry experience ensures that standard business operations are executed efficiently while reducing total cost of ownership.

For Corporate & Individual

Customized Corporate Guidewire Training

As can be seen, Guidewire offers various products for the insurance sector and not all of them are necessary. As such Mildain offers custom Guidewire training with emphasis only on modules that are often in use. Subsequently, participants can choose Guidewire training, later on, to further enhance their knowledge. It is common that insurance companies usually outsource their claims handling to various agencies and for personnel of such agencies, we recommend custom Guidewire Policy, Claim & Billing Center training that focuses on the claims management part of this vast software solution for insurance companies.


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