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ECMAScript 6 Training

Learn the very latest in Client-Side Scripting with ES6

People are calling it JavaScript 2015, JavaScript 2.0, ES2015, ES.next, ES Harmony…But whatever you want to call it, the Web Developer’s scripting language of choice has had some important updates and new features added, and it’s called ECMAScript 6. So, ES6 then for short. Our ECMAScript 6 course will give you solid hands-on experience using the best new features to develop responsive web applications and client-side functionality, guided by our thoroughly friendly, expert instructor. You will use state of the art platforms to simulate how browsers will interpret ES6 code, so you can start writing tomorrow’s web apps today.

In a nutshell

By the end of this course, you will have learnt:

  • What we mean by “Modern JavaScript”
  • Current and Imminent ES6 Support
  • ECMAScript Objects, Properties & Methods
  • JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Building the User Experience with JS Frameworks
  • ECMA-262 6th Edition
  • Using Traceur
  • Sugar Syntax
  • ES6 Language Features
  • Classes
  • Shadow DOM
  • Module Syntax
  • ES6 Lanugage Types
  • Testing
  • NodeJS (Optional)


Delegates should have some working knowledge of programming in JavaScript and HTML5

    Key features

    • 32 hours of instructor-led training
    • 5 simulation exams (250 questions each)
    • 8 domain-specific test papers (10 questions each)
    • 30 CPEs offered
    • 94.6% pass rate

    Course Content

    Introducing Modern JavaScript

    • Controlling access, type and mutability
    • Functions, scope, namespaces and closure Object serialization
    •  Overview of AJAX principles
    • JavaScript security
    • Client Side Event handling
    • Client Side data persistence

    Current and Imminent Support

    • Features which are already supported in some browsers and devices
    • Forthcoming built-in support
    • Polyfils
    • Legacy: where support will never happen
    • ECMAScript 6 objects, properties and methods
    • Classes, subclasses and constructors: Object-Oriented techniques in JavaScript

    JavaScript Design Patterns (focussing on ECMAScript 6)

    • Modular JavaScript principles
    • MVC, MVVM, Service, Factory etc.

    Building the User Experience: overview of modern JavaScript frameworks

    • The jQuery family
    • Angular, Bootstrap and Dart
    • AtScript and TypeScript
    • Other JavaScript frameworks and libraries

    ECME-262 6th Edition

    • The 2015 ECMAScript Language Specification
    • Already some support in some browsers/devices
    • Enable Harmony in Chrome

    Need for software development capabilities

    • Components and Modules
    • Single-threaded ‘blocking’ problem
    • Reduce use of ‘function’ keyword


    • JavaScript.next-to-JavaScript-of-today converter
    • Converting offline
    • Online Read-Eval-Print-Loop for exploring ES6
    • Impact on performance

    Sugar Syntax

    • Make a language easier to understand and more readable
    • Some features of ES6 are not really new
    • All methods are still added to the prototype

    ES6 Language Features

    • Number and Maths Improvements
    • Maps, Sets and Weak Maps
    • Iterators and for-of loops
    • Object Literal Enhancements
    • Arrow Functions
    • Let and Const for Block Scoped Binding
    • Default and Rest Parameters
    • Template Literals
    • Promises


    • Property Method Assignment
    • Object Initializer Shorthand
    • Class definition and name
    • Class prototype
    • Instance property and class property

    Shadow DOM

    • shadow root and shadow host

    Module syntax

    • Named exports and Default exports
    • Importing modules

    ECMAScript language types

    • Undefined, Null, Boolean, String, Symbol, Number, and Object


    • Overview of current JavaScript testing

    NodeJS (optional content)

    • Configuring Node for non-browser JavaScript
    • Node packages
    • Running scripts


    How do I enroll for the classroom training?

    You can enroll for this classroom training online. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.

    1. Online ,By deposit the mildain bank account

    2. Pay by cash team training center location

    Who are the trainers for the classroom training?

    Highly qualified and certified instructors with 20+ years of experience deliver more than 200+ classroom training.

    Where will the training be held?

    Online or Venue is finalized few weeks before the training and you will be informed via email. You can get in touch with our 24/7 support team for more details. Contact us Mob no:- 8447121833, Mail id:  info@mildaintrainings.com . If you are looking for an instant support, you can chat with us too.
    Do you provide transportation and refreshments along with the training?

    We provide transportation or refreshments along with the training.

    I’d like to learn more about this training program. Who should I contact?

    Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the mildain website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives will be able to give you more details.

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