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Xamarin Tutorial

Xamarin Tutorial: It is a software company based in San Francisco. It provides commercial software development tools that allow a user to develop applications for Android, iOS, and Windows using C# language and the .NET framework. Xamarin is built on the .NET Framework. It allows one to create apps that easily run across multiple platforms. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can use Xamarin to deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.

Xamarin is built on the .NET Framework. It allows one to create apps that easily run across multiple platforms. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can use Xamarin to deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.

Xamarin is a free open-source framework for building cross-platform (iOS, Android or Windows) mobile apps using C#. Xamarin allows developers to build native mobile apps using C# and platform specific tools/SDKs using visual studio for Windows or Mac. The Xamarin learning path goal is to make you proficient in building native cross-platform mobile apps.

As you would expect, Microsoft provides dazzlingly clear step-by-step tutorials on its newly acquired mobile app cross-platform development environment. “Once you’ve done the steps in Setup and install and Verify your Xamarin environment, this walkthrough shows you how to build a basic Xamarin app (shown below) with native UI layers. With native UI, shared code resides in a portable class library (PCL) and the individual platform projects contain the UI definitions.

You’ll do these things to build it:

  • Set up your solution
  • Write shared data service code
  • Design UI for Android
  • Design UI for Windows Phone

These steps create a Xamarin solution with native UI that contains a PCL for shared code and two added NuGet packages.

  • In Visual Studio, create a new Blank App (Native Portable) solution and name it WeatherApp. You can find this template most easily by entering Native Portable into the search field.
  • After clicking OK to create the solution, you’ll have a number of individual projects.
  • Add the Newtonsoft.Json and NuGet package to the PCL project, which you’ll use to process information retrieved from a weather data service.”

This example that has your link to a weather app goes on to provide code snippets and excruciatingly detailed step-by-step guide. This is one of the better spots to check with if you’re launching into the world of Xamarin coding.

Xamarin Tutorial—For Beginners & Professionals

This blog presents another “table of contents” type of listing of various posts covering various Xamarin development topics. As the title says, some are more basic and some more advanced. Shailendra Chauhan is clearly their Xamarin expert, being the author of all these posts. Recent posts include:

“Xamarin with Visual Studio 2017—Build native cross-platform apps: “Along with the launch of Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft has released many fresh and exciting features for mobile developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin. Visual Studio 2017 will help you to build better native cross-platform apps in less time as compared to Visual Studio 2015.”

Xamarin Forms Fundamentals: “Xamarin Forms allows developers to build a cross-platform mobile app using the common UI pages, layouts, views, controls, and design patterns. At runtime, each Xamarin Forms UI element will be mapped to its native equivalent element in each platform, so that truly native UI can be built and rendered.”

Understanding Xamarin Forms—Build Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps: “Xamarin Forms is a part of Xamarin family to build truly native apps for iOS, Android & Windows from a single and shared code base using C#. Xamarin.Forms offer the UI controls/views which you can use to develop UI. These UI controls/view at run-time are converted to platform-specific UI controls.

Understanding Xamarin iOS—Build Native iOS App: Xamarin.iOS is a part of Xamarin family to build native iOS app with C# and Xamarin. Xamarin.iOS offers the same UI controls that are available in Objective-C or swift language and Xcode.”

Understanding Xamarin Android—Build Native Android App: “Xamarin.Android is a part of Xamarin family to build native Android app with C# and Xamarin. Xamarin.Android provides the same UI controls as you have in Android with Java. Understanding Xamarin—A Cross-Platform Solution: Xamarin is a free open-source framework to build truly native cross-platform mobile apps using C# .NET for iOS, Android or Windows. It runs on Mono and .NET to build apps with native performance and native UI. Xamarin allows you to develop native apps using C# language and platform specific tools/SDKs and share the same code across multiple platforms like iOS, Android or Windows.”

Xamarin Apps vs. Native Apps vs. Hybrid Apps: Today we are living in the age of mobile phones. Every one using mobile phones for various daily activities like chatting, sharing, shopping, and so on. Mobile apps have changed the way of browsing the web and doing online activities.”

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