Introduction Of Workfusion

Introduction Of Workfusion: Workfusion permits projects to convert high-volume, to an entire business process within a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive automation. It is committed to control the digital transformation of work. This lets business digitize their operation, exponentially enhancing productivity and improving service delivery.

Developing services with process automation for enterprise process, with solutions using RPA, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the crowd.

How Workfusion Works?

1) Both, RPA and cognitive are used for automating an end-to-end process.

2) The business user can drag and drop pre-built bots and operators have interface templates into an entire business process.

3) Work Fusion’s device learning is biased work, like classifying and extracting unorganized information.

4) Deriving from the business projects monitoring (BAM) and analytics that Workfusion provides.

Key Concepts involved in Workfusion:-

i. Artificial Intelligence.

ii. Robotic Process Automation.

iii. Cognitive Automation.

iv. Digital Workforce.

v. Agile.

vi. Crowdsourcing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI provides devices to study, design, and learn. It uses archival data and action to prepare algorithms which work as the human does without errors.

AI is part of computer science, and Machine Learning is the developed part of AI, which is used by leading enterprises.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

RPA are bots that execute jobs on the user interface (UI) regarding enterprise applications, like Citrix, Oracle, and SAP. It is a rule-based and which includes structured data.

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive Automation is software which performs multiple tasks that involve unstructured data (like images, documents, or PDFs). Cognitive Automation is powered by Machine Learning.

Digital Workforce 

A Digital Workforce is a combination of RPA bots, and Cognitive bots,  within the business process.


Agile, is an active and iterative approach to adopt the new way of working. In IT, Agile evolution is given autonomy and responsibility for creating skills. Whereas, Waterfall development operates sequentially, Agile works iteratively and quickly.


Crowdsourcing brings the contribution of various individuals to perform in unity. While crowdsourcing usually refers to the sourcing of classified operator’s on-demand, cloud-based is used as a method of elastically sourcing and managing workers within a business.

Different types of Process Automation in Workfusion:

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What is RPA?

RPA are bots that execute jobs on the user interface (UI) regarding enterprise applications, like Citrix, Oracle, and SAP. It is a rule-based and which includes structured data.

Importance of RPA:

Many companies have different systems that interact with the business process. Before RPA, interactions were done by people. RPA allows firms to automate time-consuming “human hand-offs” between the systems.

Leading Companies Which Uses RPA:

i. Ensuring that expenses in a T&E process comply with business laws.

ii. Retrieving PDFs of documents from email accounts.

iii. Routing invoices from Oracle to Work Fusion’s OCR engine.

How does Workfusion use it? 

RPA is one of the tools in Workfusion’s automation toolkit. Most business processes begin with pulling data and end with pushing data, and Workfusion makes RPA easy to apply to business processes that tap into legacy applications.

2. Work Fusion Intelligent Automation –Smart Process Automation (SPA) is a Process-level robotic and cognitive automation at enterprise scale.

It includes,

i. Workflow is Process-level automation (vs. task level).

ii. Robotics  is an Automate applications using application UI and also Automates repetitive application work.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reduces the need for users to perform constantly, rules-based work of applications, like Citrix, SAP, and Oracle. By using Workfusion’s RPA, we can get structured data from any application.

i. Digitization (Digitize your work), OCR to convert data into digital form and Digitize your data.

Converts data into digital form with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Workfusion Automatically increases privileges to people and uses machine learning to make OCR smarter with each touch.

i. Cognitive (AI) -Automate judgment work on unstructured data.

ii. Worker Management -Automate routing of exceptions and quality control.

If you wish to know more about the certification process, click here, and read my next blog.

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