How do I get a data science job?

If you scroll through the data science subreddit, you will find many questions around this topic.how do i get a data science job Readers of my blog (mildaintrainings.com) asking the same from me time to time. And I can tell you this a totally valid problem!.

I have decided to summarize my answers for all the major questions!:

Q1. What are the most important data scientist skills and tools? And how can you get them?

Ans:I will start with the bad one. The skills that they teach you at the universities in 90% of the cases are not really useful in real life data science projects. As I’ve written about several times, in real projects these 4 data coding skills are needed:

  • bash/command line
  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • (and sometimes Java)

It really depends on the company, which 2 or 3 they use. But if you’ve learnt one, it will be much easier to learn another.

So the first big question is: how can you get these tools? Here comes the good news! All of these tools are free! It means, that you can download, install and use them without paying a penny for them. You can practice, build a data pet-project or anything! I wrote a step by step article recently on how to get and install these tools on your computer.

Q2. How to learn?

Ans: There are 2 major sources of learning data science — easily and cost-efficiently. Don’t worry, none of these are to attend €1000+ conferences or workshops.

Kinda old-school, but still a good way of learning. From books you can get very focused, very detailed knowledge about online data analysis, statistics, data coding, etc… I highlighted 7 books I recommend — in my previous article.

Q3. How to practice, and how to get real life experience?

Ans: If you want to try out, what it is like being a junior data scientist at a true-to-life startup, check out my new 6-week online data science course how do i get a data science job:

This is a tricky one, right? Every company wants to have people with at least a little bit of real life experience…how do i get a data science But how do you get real life experience, if you need real life experience to get your first job? Classic catch-22. And the answer is: pet projects.

“Pet project” means that you come up with a random data project idea, that makes you excited. Then you simply start to build it.how do i get a data science job You can think about it as a small startup, but make sure that you keep focusing on the data science part of the project and you can just ignore the business part. To give you some ideas, I listed here some of my pet projects from the past few years.

Applications are “read” by the robot, either through dedicated APIs where they exist, through the OS prior to application display, or through the screen in the context of the native application.how do i get a data science In this last case the modern robot “reads” an application screen in context in the same way a user does. As part of the robot training, it is shown how to read the application’s display much like a user.

    • I’ve built a script that was monitoring a real estate website and emailed me the best deals in real time — so I could get these deals before everyone else.
    • I’ve built a script that was pulling all the articles form ABC, BBC and CNN and based on the used words connected the articles that were about the exact same topic on the 3 different news portals.
    • I’ve built a self-learning chat bot in Python. (It’s not too smart though — as I haven’t trained it yet.)
    • Etc…


Q4. Where and how to send your first job application?

Ans: If you haven’t managed to find a mentor, you can still find your first one at your first company.how do i get a data science This is gonna be your first data science related job, so I suggest not to focus on big money or on super-fancy startup atmosphere. Focus on finding an environment, where you can learn and improve yourself.

Taking your first data science job at a multinational company might not fit in this idea, because people there are usually too busy with their things, how do i get a data science so they won’t have time or/and motivation help you improving (of course, there are always exceptions).

Starting at a tiny startup as a first data person on the team is not a good idea either in your case,how do i get a data science job because these companies don’t have senior data guys to learn from.

Okay, you have found some good companies… How to apply? Some principals for the CV: highlight your skills and projects, not your experience (as you don’t have too much years on your paper yet).how do i get a data science List out the data coding languages, you use, and link some of the related github repos of yours, so you can show, that you really have used that language.


Well, that’s it. I know it sounds easier, when it’s written, but if you are really determined to be a Data Scientist,how do i get a data science job it won’t cause you any problem to make it happen! Good luck with that! If you want to try out, what it is like being a junior data scientist how do i get a data science at a true-to-life startup, check out my new 6-week online data science course: The Junior Data Scientist’s First Month! And if you want to learn more about data science, check my blog (mildaintrainings.com) and/or subscribe to my Newsletter! how do i get a data science job And don’t miss my new data coding tutorial series: SQL for Data Analysis!.

how do i get a data science job


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